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Agent Management Settings to Execute the Process with an Automation

Create an agent attribute in the tenant to add it to your agent and project
You will learn
  • How to create an Agent Attribute in the tenant.
  • How to add the attribute to your agent.
  • How to add the attribute to your project.
celineaudinsapCeline AudinJanuary 30, 2023
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November 20, 2022


Agent attributes allow you to sort agents registered within the same tenant and make sure that a specific agent executes the job of your choice.

  • Step 1

    After you have installed the desktop agent, you need to add your agent so that it is able to run an automation.

    1. Navigate to SAP Build page. Select Settings. Choose Agents Management then Add Agent.

      Agent Management
    2. When the pop-up window opens, select your agent and choose Add agent.

      Agent Management Add
    3. Your agent is now added and ready to run.

      Agent Management List
  • Step 2

    Now that you have your project free of errors, ready to be released, you need to add an Attribute to your project. But first, you need to create an Agent Attribute.

    To do so, please follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to the Build page, select Settings.

    2. Choose Agent Attributes.

    3. Choose Create Attribute.

    4. In the Create Agent Attribute dialog box, please enter My Agent Attribute in the Name field.

    5. From the Type dropdown list, select Predefined if you wish to add values or else leave Free as Type.

      • Free – With this type of attribute, you won’t be able to add any predefined value. Whenever you want to use this attribute, you will be able to parametrize the value of this attribute.
      • Predefined – With this type of attribute, you will be able to populate values for any specific attribute.
    6. In the Values field, you may enter any value you wish (i.e. employee ID).

    7. Choose Create.

      Create Agent Attribute
  • Step 3
    1. Choose Agent List, then search for your agent and verify that it is idle or ready and connected in unattended mode then click on it.

      Settings Agents List
    2. Choose Manage Attributes.

    3. In the Manage Matching Attributes dialog box, add your attribute:

      • From the drop-down list, select My Agent Attribute
      • Enter the value you selected previously in the Values field and press ENTER
      • Choose Confirm
      Settings Add Attribute

    Why do you need to add an agent attribute to your project?

  • Step 4
    1. Navigate back to your project in the Process Builder.

    2. Choose Settings.

    3. Select Attributes.

    4. From the dropdown list, select My Agent Attribute.

    5. Enter your value in the Values field and press ENTER.

    6. Choose Save.

    7. Choose Close.

  • Step 5

    When you are running the process make sure to have the Desktop Agent in unattended mode.

    1. Open the Desktop Agent 3 from the systray.

    2. Select Settings in the Menu and choose Mode Settings.

    3. Set the Desktop Agent 3 to Unattended mode by selecting Activate.


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