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Install and Set Up the Desktop Agent 3

Install and set up the Desktop Agent 3 to run your automations
You will learn
  • How to install the Desktop Agent 3
  • How to register a tenant in the Desktop Agent 3
pbujnickaPaulina BujnickaJanuary 30, 2023
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November 20, 2022


  • A Windows PC
  • If you are using a MAC, please install a VDI
  • Step 1

    The Desktop Agent 3 is an on-premise component of SAP Build Process Automation that is installed locally on user desktops. It executes automation projects that launch and run applications of various kinds, read information from screens, enter data, click options, and process data.

    The very first time you launch the Desktop Agent 3 on your workstations, you will be prompted to log in. If you are unsure of your login details, please ask an administrator.

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  • Step 2

    CAUTION: If you are a P user, you will have to download the Desktop Agent 3 from the SAP Development Tools. Please choose option Manually.

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  • Step 3

    When you install the Desktop Agent 3, it will automatically set up the SAP Build Process Automation web browser extension for Google Chrome and Edge.

    To prevent issues during the installation, please close all the Chrome or Edge tabs opened on your machine.

    The minimum version of the Desktop Agent supported by SAP Build Process Automation is 3.7.41.

    1. Open the downloaded file with administrator rights. Select Next to begin the installation process.

      Desktop Agent 3 Installation
    2. Make sure you install the service, and confirm.

      Desktop Agent 3 Installation
    3. Wait for the installation process to complete.

      Desktop Agent 3 Installation
    4. Once the installation has been successfully completed, choose Finish and launch the Desktop Agent 3.

      A Google Chrome extension and an Edge add-on are installed when you install the Desktop Agent but you have to enable them (at least the Google Chrome extension).

    5. On Google Chrome select the manage extensions under Extensions.

      Manage extensions
    6. Enable SAP Process Automation extension.

      Enable extension
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  • Step 4

    Once the installation steps of the SAP Build Process Automation setup wizard are completed, you need to register your agent and connect it to a SAP Build Process Automation tenant in order to execute automations.

    The Agent icon will be available on your System Tray, when the Desktop Agent 3 is installed.

    Once you have completed the installation process of the SAP Build Process Automation setup, what needs to be done in order to execute automations?

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  • Step 5
    1. Navigate back to SAP Build page. Select Settings. Choose Agents Management then Add Agent.

      Agent Management
    2. When the pop-up window opens, select your agent and choose Add agent.

      Agent Management Add
    3. Your agent is now added and ready to run.

      Agent Management List

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