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Enhance Your Visibility Scenario for a Deployed Workflow

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Enhance Your Visibility Scenario for a Deployed Workflow

Enhance Your Visibility Scenario for a Deployed Workflow

February 26, 2021
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September 12, 2019
Enhance your scenario by adding status, phases, performance indicators, and attributes for the workflow to track and analyze business process.

You will learn

  • How to enhance your scenario by adding phases, attributes, and performance indicators
  • How to activate the scenario
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By default, a set of performance indicators are generated when you add a Workflow from SAP Workflow service as a participant. You can view the default status, attributes, actions, and performance indicators using various tabs of the Configure Visibility Scenarios application. You can choose to activate the scenario without enhancing it. Alternatively, you can further enhance the scenario by adding phases, status, calculated attributes, and performance indicators.

Step 1: Create phases
  1. Navigate to the Phases tab and choose the + icon.

    Add phase
  2. Provide the following details to add the phase and click OK.

    Phase info
  3. In the Start Events drop down, select StartEvent1 Started and Change or Confirm equipment Created.

    Phase start
  4. In the End Events drop down, select Change or Confirm equipment Completed.

    Phase end
  5. Similarly, create another phase named Approve Equipment. Then, select the Approve Equipment Created option from the Start Events dropdown and Approve Equipment Completed option from the End Events dropdown. Then save the changes.

    Add another phase
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Step 2: Configure the target
  1. Navigate to the Status tab.

  2. Under the Target section, provide the following details and save the changes:

    Configure Target
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Step 3: Add visibility scenario attributes
  1. Choose the Attributes tab, where you can view a set of default attributes.

  2. Add a calculated attribute by choosing the + icon.

    Plus attribute

    Add the following properties in the Add Calculated Attribute dialog.

    Add attribute
  3. Save the changes.

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Step 4: Configure performance indicators
  1. Navigate to the Performance Indicators tab and choose the + icon to add a performance indicator.

    Performance indicators

    In the Add Performance Indicator dialog, provide the following details and choose OK:

    Add performance indicators
  2. Choose the following options as shown in the General and Data section of the Performance Indicators tab:

    PF details
  3. Choose the + icon under the Filters section of Performance Indicators to add a filter.

    Add filter

    In the Add Filter dialog, provide the following details:

    Filter details
  4. Save the changes.

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Step 5: Activate the scenario
  1. Save the scenario and then choose Activate.

  2. Once the scenario is successfully activated, navigate back to the Configure Visibility Scenarios tile to view status of the scenario is now in Active.

    After activate
Can you activate the 'Onboard' business scenario without enhancing it?

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