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Create a Visibility Scenario for a Deployed Workflow

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Create a Visibility Scenario for a Deployed Workflow

Create a Visibility Scenario for a Deployed Workflow

September 16, 2020
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September 12, 2019
Create a visibility scenario based on a workflow using the Configure Visibility Scenarios application.

You will learn

  • How to use the Configure Visibility Scenarios application
  • How to build a visibility scenario by adding workflows
  • How to activate the visibility scenarios
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  1. Set up the Workflow Management service. For more information, see the Set Up Workflow Management in Cloud Cockpit tutorial.
  2. You have a deployed workflow. If you do not have a workflow deployed, then refer to the Set Up a Workflow With Extended Employee Onboarding tutorial.
  3. You have set up the business rules for determining equipment. To set up the business rules, see the Set Up Business Rules for Determining Equipment tutorial.

Visibility scenarios allows you to track the performance of end-to-end processes. In this tutorial, you can add workflows from SAP Cloud Platform Workflow to your visibility scenario to gain visibility on workflows. For more information, see Creating a Scenario.

Step 1: Create a scenario
  1. Log on to the Workflow Management home screen and choose the Configure Visibility Scenarios tile.

    Home screen
  2. Choose the + icon.

    Add scenario
  3. In the New Scenario dialog, provide the following details and choose **Create*.

    Field Name Value
    Name Employee Onboarding Process
    ID EmployeeOnboardingProcess
    visibility scenario name
  4. Now, select the Employee Onboarding Process scenario which is in the Draft state to edit it.

After creating a scenario, what state does it get created in?
Step 2: Add workflows

In this step, you add the onboard workflow to your scenario.

  1. Under the Processes tab, choose the + icon and then choose Add SAP Cloud Platform Workflow to add a workflow to the scenario.

    import workflow
  2. In the Add SAP Cloud Platform Workflow dialog, choose the workflow named Onboard.

    Choose workflow

    This adds the workflow as a process participant and automatically adds all the events provisioned by the added workflow. It also adds the corresponding context of the workflow into the scenario.

    After import

    Check the default State, Status, Attributes and Performance Indicators that are pre-created for the given workflow.

  3. Save the changes.

    You have now added created a visibility scenario with workflows.

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