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Create a Business Process

Create a Business Project and Process to build and extend business processes
You will learn
  • How to create a SAP Build Process Automation project
  • How to create a process that automates sales order creation and approval
chaitanya-priya-puvvadaChaitanya Priya PuvvadaDecember 8, 2022
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November 20, 2022


With the new citizen automation user experience, you will get access to a new scope of opportunities for running your day-to-day workflows. In this tutorial, you will learn how a low-code and no-code tool can help you build the apps you need at the speed your business demands, using visual drag and drop tools for application development.

There are many use cases where you can make a difference using SAP Build Process Automation. During this tutorial, you will see how the Sales Order Approval process can be built using forms where a sales order is a document which confirms a sale that is generated by the seller after receiving a purchase order from the buyer. These sale order requests have to be reviewed and approved by the supplier to ensure that the sales orders are delivered on time. Once approved or rejected, the requester will be notified.

  • Step 1
    1. In the Lobby, choose Create.

      The lobby is a central page for creating, accessing, and managing your projects in SAP Build. You can access business application processes, company configured templates, and other resources for your end-to-end business process.

    2. Pick Build an Automated Process.

      Create a Project
    3. Select Business Process.

      Business Process Projects are a collection of skills in SAP Build Process Automation. Projects are part of the internal business processes of a company and are defined based on business scenarios. A project can contain a set of processes, forms, automations and decisions, which are reusable artifacts.

      Create a Project
    4. In the Create a Business Process dialog box, do the following:

      • Enter a Project Name: Sales Orders Management.
      • Enter a Short Description: Sales Orders Management Project.
      • Choose Create.
      Project information

    What actions can be performed in SAP Build Lobby?

  • Step 2
    1. A new tabs opens with the newly created project.

    2. In the Create Process dialog box, provide the following:

      • Enter a Name: Order Processing.
      • Enter a Description for your process: A process to handle sales orders.
      • Choose Create.

      Inside a project, you can create a process. This process is equivalent to a workflow in any business scenario. You can create this process from different skills such as forms, decisions, automations.

      Create Process

      The form Identifier field is auto-filled.

    What is a business process?

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