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Set Up Integration Suite Trial

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Set Up Integration Suite Trial

Set Up Integration Suite Trial

December 28, 2020
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July 8, 2020
Get onboarded to SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite trial account.

You will learn

  • How to start your SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite trial
  • How to subscribe to the service and assign user roles
  • How to provision and activate the capabilities
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SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite combines the integration capabilities such as Process Integration, API Management, Integration Advisor, and Open Connectors into a cohesive and simplified toolkit for enterprise integrations. To provide a comprehensive integration experience, these services are not available separately, but only as part of the Integration Suite service plan.

The Integration Suite includes all integration capabilities in simple service plans. To know more on these plans, see Integration Suite service catalog.

This part of the series lets you experience the capabilities offered by SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite. For the complete series, see Request Product Details with an Integration Scenario.

IMPORTANT: The Integration Suite trial account is intended for personal exploration and not for production use or team development. See: Trial Scope.

WHERE TO START: If you have already activated Cloud Integration (Process Integration) service in your existing trial account, we recommend you to do either of the following:

Option 1: If you are unable to activate Integration Suite service, create a New Subaccount and then proceed to Step 3.

Option 2: Unsubscribe to Process Integration service then proceed to Step 3.

If you are new to SAP Cloud Platform or Cloud Integration, get started with Step 1.

For a new subaccount, you need to assign entitlements by adding service plans and the quotas. For more information, see Configure Entitlements and Quotas for Subaccounts.

Step 1: The Use Case

Using this scenario, you design and execute an integration flow that reads product details from a public product catalog (WebShop) for a given product identifier. Product details include data such as the product name and price, for example. To accomplish the scenario, you use SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite, and in particular, its capabilities Cloud Integration and API Management.

You use Cloud Integration to design and deploy an integration flow. When you have finished designing, you use the API Explorer tool of API Management to expose the integration flow endpoint as an API.

  • You also define how to access the API in terms of authentication by assigning a dedicated predefined policy template.
  • Using this policy template, you define API access based on the OAuth client credentials grant method.
  • Finally, you use API Management to call the API and get the product details in a response.


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Step 2: Enter your trial account
  1. In your web browser, open the SAP Cloud Platform trial cockpit.

  2. Navigate to the trial global account by clicking Enter Your Trial Account.

    Trial global account
  3. Choose the region that is closest to you. Click Create Account to create a subaccount.

    Select region
  4. Choose Continue.

    Account Setup
  5. From your global account page, choose the trial tile to access your subaccount.

    Access Trial account
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Step 3: Subscribe to the service
  1. Select Subscriptions > Integration Suite.

    If the Integration Suite tile is not visible under Subscriptions, you need to assign Integration Suite Trial entitlements. To assign entitlements, see Manage Entitlements on SAP Cloud Platform Trial.

    • In the tutorial referred above, after Step 3.5, there is a list of available services on the left pane.

    • Filter for Integration Suite service and select the service.

    • Select the service plan, add it to your subaccount, and execute this step.

    Select Integration Suite

  2. Select Subscribe.

    Select subscribe button

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Step 4: Provision the capabilities

IMPORTANT: Ensure that you unsubscribe to the standalone services (like Open Connectors, Process Integration or APIM service ) if you have already subscribed to it. If the standalone subscription exists, you will be unable to activate respective capability via the Integration Suite.

Navigational Steps: Go to Service Marketplace, search for Open Connectors and click unsubscribe.

  1. Navigate to your subaccount, and then choose Subscriptions.

  2. Click Go to Application in the Integration Suite overview page. Now you are directed to the Integration Suite Launchpad.

    Access integration suite provisioning application
  3. Choose Add Capabilities to activate the capabilities offered by Integration Suite.

    Integration suite launchpad

    For this tutorial, you must select Design, Develop and Operate Integration Scenarios and Design, Develop and Manage APIs click capabilities.
    Click Next.

    Add Capabilities

    You do not have to select anything here. Click Next.

    Intermediate Step

    Click Next.

    API management
  4. Click Activate to provision the selected capabilities.

    For some capabilities, you would be given a choice to select additional functionalities that you need to choose based on your business requirement.

    Activate capabilities

    The activation may take a while and you will notice the dialog shown here.

    IMPORTANT: Before you proceed to Step 4.5, please wait for all the capabilities to be activated.

    Activation dialog

    IMPORTANT: From the Provisioning application you can navigate back to the Integration Suite Launchpad by choosing the Integration Suite button on the header.

  5. After successful activation, you can view the activated capability tiles on the launchpad. Click on the relevant tile to access the capability.


    To know more about resources offered by the Integration Suite Launchpad, see Working with Integration Suite Launchpad.

    To access each capability’s tile, you must assign capability-specific roles which is explained in the next step.

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Step 5: Assign roles for the capabilities

In this step, you assign yourself or other users the necessary roles to access and use the activated capabilities.

  1. Navigate to your SAP Cloud Platform subaccount. Go to Security > Trust Configuration and click Default identity provider.

    Trust configuration
  2. Enter the user’s e-mail address and click on Show Assignments to see the role collections that are currently assigned to this user. Then click Assign Role Collection and select relevant roles based on the activated capability.

    IMPORTANT: For this starter scenario to work, assign the role collections only for Cloud Integration and API Management capability.

    Role Collections

    The table here shows the roles relevant to the Integration Suite capabilities that you must assign to the role collections for accessing the relevant capability:

    Capability Role Collection Tasks
    Cloud Integration PI_Business_Expert Monitoring integration flows and the status of integration artifacts. Reading the message payload and attachments.
    PI_Administrator Monitoring integration flows and the status of integration artifacts. Deploying security content. Deploying integration content (such like integration flows, for example). Deleting messages from transient data store.
    PI_Integration_Developer Create Integration Flows. Monitoring integration flows and the status of integration artifacts. Deploying integration content (such like integration flows, for example).
    API Management APIPortal.Administrator Access the API portal user interface (UI) and services.
    APIManagement.Selfservice.Administrator Get onboard to API Portal and access its settings page.
    Integration Advisor trial-content-developer Access Integration Content advisor to create and deploy interfaces and mappings.
    Open Connectors OpenConnectors_User To view and access the Open Connectors capability.

    IMPORTANT: After assigning the role collections clear the browser cache and reload the page. Try logout and login to get the roles activated. If you are still facing any issues, please send an email to CPI trial feedback. Include the URL of the subaccount in which you are facing access issues to help the trial experience team investigate and resolve the issue.

Which of the following roles are relevant for the scenario “Request Product Details”??
Step 6: Verify the activated capabilities
  1. After providing necessary authorization, go to the Integration Suite Launchpad application and choose Manage Capabilities tile.

    Activated Capabilities
  2. Click on the URLs of all the activated capabilities and verify if you can successfully access them.

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