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Get a Free Trial Account on SAP Cloud Platform

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Get a Free Trial Account on SAP Cloud Platform

Get a Free Trial Account on SAP Cloud Platform

July 16, 2020
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January 13, 2016
Sign up for a free trial account on SAP Cloud Platform.

You will learn

  • How to register on the SAP website
  • How to start your SAP Cloud Platform trial
  • How the 90-day trial works
  • How to navigate to your sub-account and space
  • Where to find information on three important Cloud Foundry areas: Applications, Service Marketplace, and Service Instances

Step 1: Log into the SAP website

Visit and click the Log On icon in the upper-right corner.

log on icon

If you have an account on (e.g. an S, C, D or I number) you can enter it or the associated email along with your password. If you don’t have an account yet, you can select one of the other login methods or click Register to create an account.

log on dialog

If you don’t need to register with, you can skip to Step 4. Make sure to make all steps as DONE to get credit for completing this tutorial.

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Step 2: Register at

If you don’t have an account you will see a register dialog on the left-hand side of the dialog. Fill in the required fields, and click Submit.

register dialog

You will get a message that an activation link has been sent to you.

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Step 3: Activate your account

Check your emails to find the activation button Click to activate your account.

log into SAP

After activating your account, you will see the following screen.

successful activation
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Step 4: Log on to SAP Cloud Platform

After activation, or if you already had an SAP account, go to the SAP Cloud Platform Trial page and click Log On.

You will see an dialog to confirm the terms and condition for the SAP Cloud Platform Developer Edition. Check the check boxes and click Accept. This simply adds the registration to your login account on SAP Cloud Identity. There is no cost associated with this upgrade.

upgrade account dialog
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Step 5: Verify your account

You will see a message that you need to verify your account with a phone number. Click Verify your phone number to trigger that flow.

verification popover

Enter your phone number and click New Code to retrieve a code. Please enter this code as well and click Continue to verify your account. After the verification, you will be logged off automatically.

number popover
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Step 6: Access the welcome screen

Click on Log on to log on to your verified account.

Log on again

You will see one main button on the welcome screen of the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit. Click on Enter Your Trial Account to navigate to your global account.

enter trial account

Bookmark the link for fast and quick access to the cockpit.

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Step 7: Navigate to the Cloud Foundry space
  1. Here, you can now create a subaccount which lives in a geographic region. Choose a region from this list and click Create Account to trigger the provisioning process.

    Choose a nearby region
  2. You will then see a dialog box while the account is set up. When complete, click Continue to close to popup and to navigate to the new account.

  3. The global trial account contains one subaccount and space. Navigate to subaccount by clicking on the tile named trial (this name may vary if you created the subaccount manually).

    Dialog setting up space
  4. To get to the space, in which your applications and services live, click on the dev space.

    enter space
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Step 8: Learn about Applications and Service Marketplace tabs

A Cloud Foundry space is the logical container of your runtime artefacts such as Applications, and Service Instances.

The Applications tab is where all of your applications will be listed, and new applications can be added in to your Cloud Foundry runtime environment.

The Applications Tab

The Service Marketplace is where you can find Cloud Foundry services to attach to any of your Cloud Foundry applications. Once a service has been provisioned with a service plan, we call it a service instance.

Service Marketplace
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Step 9: Understand the trial counter

You can find a small counter on the top of the screen. This counter indicates how many days you have left in your free trial. Once the counter goes to zero, all your apps may be stopped and your subaccount will go to sleep. This means all apps will be stopped and you won’t be able to log in via the CF CLI anymore (until you extend your trial).

Extending the trial means you will get another 30 days until the account will go to sleep. After extending two times (e.g., 90 days) your subaccount will be deleted (i.e., all apps and services will be gone and you cannot log in via the CLI anymore).

After this point, you can start your new trial from scratch via the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit (see step 6).

Select trial subaccount
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