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Set Up SAP Launchpad Service Using a Trial Account

To get started with building a launchpad site in the SAP Launchpad service, you must perform the required onboarding steps.
You will learn
  • How to subscribe to the SAP Launchpad service
  • How to assign yourself to the Launchpad_Admin role so that you can create and manage sites in the SAP Launchpad service
  • How to access the SAP Launchpad service
LindsayBertLindsay BertNovember 15, 2022


  • If you want to use a trial environment, you need to first register it. You can register to a trial account using this link: Create a trial account. Scroll down and click Get trial now.
  • If you’re using a production environment, you should have a subaccount configured. If you don’t have a configured subaccount, refer to this topic: Initial Setup.

Note that you can also do this tutorial using a SAP BTP free plan option. To do this, please follow this tutorial: Set Up SAP Launchpad Service Using the Free Tier Model for SAP BTP.

In this group of tutorials our goal is to create a launchpad site using the SAP Launchpad service. But before we can do this, there are some steps you’ll need to do in the SAP BTP cockpit.

Note that the SAP Launchpad service offers two types of standard plans. The Applications Plan which is used to access your applications from the launchpad. In this case, you need to create a subscription to the SAP Launchpad service, which you will do in Step 1. The 2nd plan is the Service Plan which is used to integrate with other services. This plan is not required for the scope of this tutorial.

  • Step 1

    Before you can access the SAP Launchpad service, you first need to subscribe to it.

    1. Log onto SAP BTP and click Go To Your Trial Account.

      Enter trial account

      If this is your first time accessing your trial account, you’ll have to configure your account by choosing a region (select the region closest to you). Your user profile will be set up for you automatically.

      Wait until your account is set up and ready to go. Your global account, your subaccount, your organization, and your space are launched. This may take a couple of minutes.

    2. Click Continue if you get this popup.

    3. Click the trial tile to navigate to your trial subaccount in the SAP BTP cockpit. If you’re using your own subaccount, you can select it instead.

      Open trial account
    4. Click Service Marketplace in the left navigation panel.

      The Service Marketplace provides you access to all services and applications that you can access from the SAP BTP cockpit.

      Go to marketplace
    5. Enter launchpad in the search box and click the Launchpad Service tile.

      Click Launchpad tile

      If you aren’t able to find the Launchpad Service tile, or if you can’t access it, you may be using an older trial account. You can easily add it to your account via the Entitlements area. Click Configure Entitlements and then Add Service Plans. Then search for launchpad, check the standard (applications) plan, and click Add 1 Service Plan. Don’t forget to save in the next screen.

      The Launchpad Service page opens with 3 tabs that include information about the service as well as the two different plans.

    6. Under the Applications Plans tab, click the Actions icon (…) and select Create to create a new subscription.

      Create subscription

      You can also use the Create button at the top right of the screen.

    7. In the New Instance or Subscription dialog box that opens, leave the basic information that appears there and click Create.

    8. You’ll get confirmation that your subscription is being created. Click View Subscription.

      View subscription

      This step will redirect you to the Services -> Instances and Subscriptions screen. This screen provides you with an overview of all services and applications that are currently active.

    9. From the Instances and Subscriptions screen, under the Subscriptions tab, or on the right under the service name, you’ll see that you are subscribed to the Launchpad Service.

  • Step 2

    To be able to access the SAP Launchpad service, users must be assigned to the Launchpad_Admin role. In this step, you’ll assign yourself to this role so that you can access the service and create a launchpad site.

    1. Click Role Collections from the side menu.

      Open role collections
    2. In the Search field start typing Launchpad to find the Launchpad_Admin role collection.

      Search for launchpad admin
    3. In the row with the Launchpad_Admin role collection, click the arrow at the far right of the row.

      Click arrow

      You can see all the details of the Launchpad_Admin role collection.

    4. Click Edit

      Click Edit
    5. Under the Users tab, enter your email in both the ID and the E-Mail fields. Then click Save.

      Add emails

    You’ve now been assigned to the Launchpad_Admin role collection and you can access the SAP Launchpad service and carry out all your admin tasks.

    It may take a few minutes for the admin role assignment to take effect. Until it does, you may get an Access Denied error when you click the launchpad tile or Go to Application.

  • Step 3

    You are now ready to access the SAP Launchpad service.

    1. From the side panel, click Instances and Subscriptions.

      Open Subscriptions
    2. Under the Subscriptions tab, click the Launchpad Service. You can also click Go to Application on the right.

      Go to application

    The SAP Launchpad service opens with the Site Directory in focus. This is where you’ll create and manage your launchpad sites.

    Open Site Directory

    Which role do you need in order to carry out admin tasks in the SAP Launchpad service?

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