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Set Up SAP Launchpad Service Using the Free Tier Model for SAP BTP

Get started with building a launchpad site in the SAP Launchpad service using the free tier option.
You will learn
  • How to manage entitlements for the Launchpad service
  • How to subscribe to the launchpad service
  • How to assign the Launchpad_Admin role to your user
  • How to access the Launchpad service
LindsayBertLindsay BertNovember 14, 2022
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July 11, 2022


Before you can follow this tutorial, you need to first get a SAP BTP subaccount with a Free Tier Service plan. To obtain it, please follow: Get an Account on SAP BTP to Try Out Free Tier Service Plans.

When following the above tutorial, please use these values:

  • Step 8 - Create a subaccount: Choose Europe (Frankfurt) as the region and enter JobCore EMEA as the subaccount display name.
  • Step 9.5 - Assign entitlements for Cloud Foundry environment: Select Launchpad Serviceas the service and select the Free plan.
  • Step 11 - Create a space: Enter devas the name of your space.

>If you’re using a production environment, you should have a subaccount configured. If you don’t have a configured subaccount, refer to this topic: Initial Setup.

The free tier service plan enables you to easily upgrade to paid service plans without losing prior work.

  • Step 1

    Entitlements are your right to provision and consume a resource. They refer to what you’re entitled to use (e.g., which services and service plans). To use the free tier plan for SAP BTP, you must first entitle your subaccount for the free plan.

    1. In your global account, navigate to Entitlements > Entity Assignments.

      Open Entitlements
    2. In the Select Entities dropdown list, choose the JobCore EMEA subaccount that you want to assign entitlements to, and click Select.

      Select entities

      You’ll see a table for the subaccount with all the entitlements it already has.

    3. Click Configure Entitlements.

      Configure entitlements
    4. Click Add Service Plans.

      Add Service plan
    5. Search for the Launchpad Service and then check the free (Application) plan that you want to entitle.

    6. Click Add Service Plan to exit the popup screen.

      Add service plan
    7. Click Save.

  • Step 2

    Now that you’ve entitled your subaccount for the free plan, you will subscribe to the SAP Launchpad service.

    1. Open your JobCore EMEA subaccount and select Services > Service Marketplace.

      Go to service Marketplace
    2. Enter Launchpad in the search field to search for the Launchpad Service tile.

      Find launchpad tile
    3. Click the tile to get information about the service and then click Create in the top right corner to subscribe to the service.

      Create subscription

      You’ll get a popup with basic information about the subscription, showing that your plan is free. Click Create.

      Subscription details
    4. You are informed that your request for a new subscription is in process. Click View Subscription to view the Subscribed status on the Services and Instances page.

      View Subscription
  • Step 3

    To be able to access the SAP Launchpad service, users must be assigned to the Launchpad_Admin role. In this step, you’ll assign yourself to this role so that you can access the service and create a launchpad site.

    1. Click Role Collections from the side menu.

      Open role collections
    2. In the search field start typing Launchpad to find the Launchpad_Admin role collection.

      Search for launchpad admin
    3. Click the Launchpad_Admin role collection to see all its details.

      Open role collection
    4. Click Edit

      Click Edit
    5. Under the Users tab, enter your email in both the ID and the E-Mail fields. Then click Save.

      Add emails

      You’ve now been assigned to the Launchpad_Admin role collection and you can access the SAP Launchpad service and carry out all your admin tasks.

      Note that it may take a few minutes for the admin role assignment to take effect. Until it does, you may get an “Access Denied” error when you click Go to Application in the next step.

  • Step 4

    You are now ready to access the SAP Launchpad service.

    1. From the side panel, click Instances and Subscriptions.

      Open Subscriptions
    2. Under the Subscriptions tab, click the Launchpad Service or you can click Go to Application on the right.

      Go to application

    The SAP Launchpad service opens with the Site Directory in focus. This is where you’ll create and manage your launchpad sites.

    Open Site Directory

    The free tier model for SAP BTP allows you to easily upgrade to paid service plans without losing prior work:

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