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Integrate an SAP Build App application into SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition

Add an SAP Build App application to a workpage in your workspace.
You will learn
  • How to add a SAP Build App application to your workspace
LindsayBertLindsay BertMarch 9, 2023
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March 9, 2023


  • You’ve already created the Sales Management workspace using SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition
  • The SAP Build App application called `Sales Order Trigger’ has been deployed to SAP BTP and is available to add to your workspace

In this tutorial, you’ll add a SAP Build App application to your workspace. Later you will learn how to use the app and create an approval process.

  • Step 1

    The Channel Manager is used to manage content providers. Once a content provider is configured, it’s added to the Content Explorer - a tab on the Content Manager screen that exposes business content from content providers. This business content can then be integrated into your site.

    1. Access the Administration Console from the user actions dropdown menu under your avatar.

      Open the Admin Console
    2. Go to the External Integrations section, expand it, and click Business Content.

      Open Business Content
    3. Click Content Manager.

      Open Content Manager

      The Content Manager opens with the My Content tab in focus.

      The Content Manager has two tabs: My Content where you can manually configure content items and view any other available content items, and the Content Explorer where you can explore exposed content from available content providers, select the content, and add it to your own content.

    4. From the side navigation panel, click the Channel Manager icon to open it.

      Open Channel Manager
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  • Step 2

    In this step, you’re going to fetch updated content from the HTML5 Apps content provider that is located in the Channel Manager. The updated content is then exposed in the Content Explorer. From here you can add it to your content in the Content Manager.

    The HTML5 Apps content provider is created automatically. Any app that you deploy to SAP BTP is automatically added as content to this provider.

    1. In the Channel Manager, at the end of the HTML5 Apps content provider row, click the Fetch updated content icon. You’ll see in the Status column that the content of this provider is being updated.

      Update content provider

      Once updated, the HTML5 Apps content provider will expose your newly deployed SAP Build App application that you will add to your content.

    2. Click the icon in the side panel to open the Content Manager.

      Go to content manager
    3. Click the Content Explorer tab to explore content from the available content providers.

      Open content explorer
    4. Select the HTML5 Apps provider.

      Open provider
    5. You’ll see that your Sales Order Trigger app created in SAP Build Apps, is displayed in this provider. Select it and click + Add to My Content.

      Add to my content
    6. Click the My Content tab.

      Go back to My Content
    7. You can see your Sales Order Trigger app is now in the list of content items.

      View app in My Content
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  • Step 3

    To view the app in runtime, you must assign the app to a role. In this step, you’ll assign the Sales Order Trigger app to the Everyone role. This is a default role - content assigned to the Everyone role is visible to all users.

    1. Open the Content Manager from the side panel.

      Open content manager again
    2. Click the Everyone role to open the role editor.

      Select the Everyone role
    3. Click Edit.

      Click edit
    4. Click the search box in the Assignments panel on the right. Any available apps are shown in the list below.

    5. Next to the Sales Order Trigger app, click the + icon. You’ll see that the icon changes.

    6. Click Save.

    To see the app in the Applications page, you can assign it to a new or existing group. This is an optional step and is not required for this tutorial.

    When is an application available to end users ?

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  • Step 4

    Before you add the Sales Order Trigger app to your workspace, first add a header for a section where you will add most frequently used apps.

    1. Open your workspace.

      Open your workspace
    2. Click the pencil icon to open the Page Designer.

      Open the Page Designer
    3. Scroll down to the section just before the Feed and click + to add another section.

      Add a section
    4. Click Add Widget to open the widget gallery.

      Add widget
    5. Select the Text widget and design it as follows:

      Text Type in the following: Most Popular Apps.
      Font Select the text and change to Arial 14pt.
      Color With the text still selected, choose the color black from the chart.
      Design the widget
    6. To increase the spacing between this section and the section above, hover to expose the settings on the right, and click the cog icon to edit the spacing.

      Add spacing
    7. Under Padding Top add the value 30 pixels and click Save.

      Add pixels

    Now you’re going to add your app under this header.

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  • Step 5
    1. Add another section.

      Add another section
    2. Click Add Widget.

      Add widget
    3. Click Tiles in the widget gallery.

      Click Tiles
    4. In the search box, start typing the name of your app Sales, select the Sales Order Triggerapp, and then click Add.

      Select and add the app
    5. Scroll to the top of your page and click Publish.


    This is how your workspace looks - note that the Sales Order Triggerapp is under the header that you created:

    View result
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