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Add a URL App to Your Workpage in SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition

Create a URL app and add it to your workpage in an SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition site.
You will learn
  • How to configure a URL app and add it to your Home page
LindsayBertLindsay BertFebruary 5, 2023


  • A subaccount in SAP BTP that includes a subscription to the SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition service has already been setup for you. Note that SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition is not available in a trial account
  • You’ve already designed the Home page where you’ll add this app

You’ve already added a SAPUI5 app to your Home page under the Most Popular Apps header. Now in this tutorial, you’ll use the Content Manager to add a URL app under the same header.

  • Step 1
    1. Access the Administration Console from the user actions dropdown menu under your avatar.

      Open the Admin Console
    2. Go to the External Integrations section, expand it, and click Business Content.

      Open Business Content
    3. Click Content Manager.

      Open Content Manager

      The Content Manager opens with the My Content tab in focus.

  • Step 2
    1. From the Content Manager, click + New and select App from the list.

      Create new app

      The App editor opens with the PROPERTIES tab in focus.

    2. Enter the following values:

      • Title: Innovation at SAP

      • Open App: In place

      • URL:

      Define app properties
    3. Click the NAVIGATION tab to specify the intent of your app.

      The unique combination of a semantic object and an action is called an intent. It is used to define navigation to an application.

    4. Enter the following values:

      • Semantic Object: Innovation

      • Action: Display

        Define navigation properties
    5. Click the VISUALIZATION tab. In this tab, you specify how the app tile will appear in the Applications page of your site.

    6. Enter the following values:

      • Subtitle: SAP.iO program

      • Information: Learn about SAP.iO

      • Icon: Click the browse icon, type visits, click on the displayed icon, and click OK.

    7. On the right, you can see a preview of the tile with all the properties you entered.
      Click Save.

      Define visualization properties

    You’ve configured the URL app and in the next step you’ll go back to the Content Manager to see it in the list of content items.

  • Step 3

    Click the Content Manager icon in the left side panel to navigate back to it.

    Go back to the Content Manager

    You can see your app in the list of content items in the My Content screen:

    View app in my content

    To view the app in runtime, you must assign the app to a role. You also need to assign the app to a group so that it’ll be visible in the Applications page of your site. This is described in the following steps.

  • Step 4

    The Everyone role already exists in the Items list of the Content Manager by default. Content assigned to the Everyone role is visible to all users.

    1. In the Items list, click the Everyone role to open the Role editor.

      Click Everyone role
    2. Click Edit.

      Click Edit
    3. Click the search box in the Assignments panel on the right. Any available apps are shown in the list below.

      If you have many apps, you can type some letters of your app name in the search bar, (for example, In) to search for the app.

    4. In the Results list, click the + icon next to the Innovation at SAP app to assign this role to your app. You’ll see that the icon changes.

    5. Click Save.

      Assign app to role
  • Step 5

    A group is a set of one or more apps displayed together on the Applications page of your site. Assigning apps to groups, makes them visible to the user on the workpage. In this step you’ll create a new group and assign the app to it.

    1. Click the icon in the side panel to navigate back to the Content Manager.

      Go back to the Content manager
    2. Click + New and select Group to create a group.

      Add new group
    3. Enter SAP as the Title and in the Assignments panel, click inside the search box on the right of the screen, to show all available apps.

    4. In the Results list, click + next to the Innovation at SAP app to assign it to your group.

    5. Click Save.

      Assign app to group

    Your app is configured. Now you’ll go to the Applications page to see that the app appears there.

  • Step 6
    1. Click the Site Directory icon in the side panel.

      Go to Site Directory
    2. Click the Open site icon.

      Open work zone
    3. In the top-level menu of your site, click Applications.

      Open Applications page

    You’ll see your app displayed as a tile in the new group you assigned it to:

    View new app in new group

    Now you’re going to add this app to the Home page.

  • Step 7
    1. Click the back arrow to go back to the Home page.

      Back to Home

      You can also navigate back to the Home page from the top navigation bar. Click Home and then select Home next to the little house icon.

    2. Click the pencil icon to open the Page Designer.

      Open page designer
  • Step 8

    In the previous tutorial, you added a header to your Home page and underneath it, you added a SAPUI5 app. You’re now going to add the URL app next to the existing app.

    1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and in the same section as the New Orders app, click the + Add Application Tiles.

      Add Widget
    2. In the Tiles screen, from the search box, start typing in the name of your app Innovation at SAP, select the app, and then click Add. The app is added to the section on your workpage.

      Select the app
    3. Scroll to the top of the screen and click Publish.

      This is how your Home page looks now with the 2 added apps:

      View home page with 2 apps
    4. Click the apps to open them.

    Which items must the app be assigned to, in order to make it visible in the Applications page of SAP Work Zone?

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