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Open SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA Development

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Open SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA Development

Open SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA Development

January 27, 2021
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June 27, 2017
Access SAP Web IDE Full-Stack from your browser.

You will learn

  • How to open SAP Web IDE Full-Stack
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  • You have a productive account with entitlement to the SAP HANA service for SAP Business Technology Platform in SAP Business Technology Platform, Cloud Foundry environment

This tutorial cannot currently be completed with a trial account.

In this tutorial, you’ll locate the SAP Web IDE and access it, all from your browser, without needing to install anything.

Step 1: Log into SAP Cloud Platform
  1. Go to and log in to your SAP BTP cockpit.

  2. Navigate to your global account and then subaccount.

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Step 2: Verify that the SAP Web IDE entitlement is in place

Select Entitlements on the left-hand menu to see all entitlements that are assigned to this subaccount. Locate the SAP Web IDE entitlement from this list.


In case you are missing the entitlement, please follow this tutorial to Add a New Entitlement to Your Subaccount.

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Step 3: Subscribe to SAP Web IDE for HANA Development
  1. Select Subscriptions on the left-hand menu in the SAP BTP cockpit to see all available subscriptions.

  2. This detail page will show you a service description and provide you with a link to the service documentation. Click the blue button to Subscribe to this service.

  3. Click on Go to Application to open SAP Web IDE.goto

    You might be asked to accept a disclaimer if you come here for the first time. Check the box and click accept to do so.

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Step 4: Bookmark the page

A new tab opens, and SAP Web IDE Full-Stack loads.

Bookmark this page! If you create a bookmark to this page, it is easy to get back to SAP Web IDE Full-Stack later.

SAP Cloud Platform Console - services button

Copy and paste the URL from your SAP Web IDE Full-Stack into the text box below.


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