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Create a Project in SAP Web IDE and Push into GitHub

Requires Customer/Partner License
Create a project in SAP Web IDE and push it into GitHub to support collaborative development using GitHub and SAP Web IDE.
You will learn
  • How to import an existing SAP Web IDE project into your previously created GitHub repository
SathyaBhatSathyaBhatOctober 4, 2020
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June 29, 2016


  • IMPORTANT: This tutorial cannot be completed on a trial account
  • Step 1

    Go to and log into your SAP Cloud Platform cockpit.

  • Step 2
    1. Click Neo Trial, and then open the Services tab.

    2. Scroll down and click the SAP Web IDE tile to open the SAP Web IDE service page.

      Find SAP Web IDE
    3. Click Go to Service to launch SAP Web IDE.

      Open SAP Web IDE
  • Step 3

    Open a project in SAP Web IDE. Either:

    • Use an existing project.
    • Import an existing project (.zip file).
    • Create a new one by going to File > New > Project from Template, and then use, for example, the SAPUI Application template.
  • Step 4

    Right-click on your project folder and click Git > Initialize Local Repository.

    Create local Git repository
  • Step 5

    You need to connect the local Git repository in SAP Web IDE with your repository on GitHub.

    1. Right-click on your project folder and click Git > Set Remote.

    2. In the Configure Git Repository dialog box, enter your GitHub organization repository’s URL.

      Get the remote repository URL by heading over to GitHub organization, and open your repository. Click the Clone or Download button and then select the icon to copy the URL to the clipboard.

      Select remote repository URL

      Paste this URL into the remote repository textbox.

      Paste remote repository URL
    3. Click OK.

    This automatically executes a fetch from the remote repository, and you can view the branches/commits that will be fetched. Click OK.

    Set remote
  • Step 6

    Your project is now initialized with a Git repository and linked to the GitHub platform. You can open the Git pane on the right sidebar to verify this.

    Git repository initialized
  • Step 7

    Commit the project files to the local Git repository by doing the following:

    1. Make sure the files are staged (the Stage checkbox is checked).

    2. Enter a commit message.

    3. Click Commit.

    Git changes committed
  • Step 8

    To synchronize the GitHub repository and local repository changes, click Pull. Enter your GitHub credentials.

    Pull GitHub changes
  • Step 9

    Once the pull is complete, you’ll notice the file that was created on GitHub is now available in the SAP Web IDE project workspace.

    Pull complete
  • Step 10

    Click Push and select Remote Branch

    Push to GitHub

    Select origin/master as the remote branch and click OK.

    Select GitHub remote

    Enter your GitHub credentials and click OK.

    Once the push is complete, you will see a notification message on the top-right corner.

    Push completed
  • Step 11

    Go to your organization on GitHub and you will notice that the changes are now published.

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