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Create Service Instance for Document Translation

Create a service instance and the service keys for Document Translation (one of the SAP Translation Hub services) using the SAP Business Technology Platform cockpit.
You will learn
  • How to create a service instance of Document Translation
  • How to create service keys for your service instance
  • Which information from the service key is necessary for the authentication e.g. in SAP Business API Hub or SAP Enable Now

beapaschBeatrice PaschJuly 29, 2022
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December 6, 2020


  • You have created an account on SAP Business Technology Platform: Get an Account on SAP BTP to Try Out Free Tier Service Plans
  • Please make sure that you are using one of the following Amazon Web Services (AWS) regions:
    • Europe (Frankfurt) cf-eu10
    • or US East (VA) cf-us10 region
      Description how to create a new subaccount is available here
  • Step 1
    1. In your web browser, open the SAP Business Technology Platform cockpit.

    2. Navigate from your global account page to your created account by clicking on the Free tier account as visible on the example screenshot.

      Global account

      Please make sure that you are using one of the following Amazon Web Services (AWS) regions:
      - Europe (Frankfurt) cf-eu10
      - or US East (VA) cf-us10 region

  • Step 2
    1. In your subaccount account, navigate to Entitlements.

    2. Click Configure Entitlements, then select Add Service Plans.
      A popover appears with all entitlements available for your directory/ subaccount.

    3. Select the Document translation service and then the free plan you want to entitle.

      service plan
    4. Click Add Service Plans to exit the popover.

    5. Click Save.

    You have now successfully configured the entitlements for document translation.

  • Step 3

    The Service Marketplace is where you find the entitled services on SAP BTP.

    To access it, click Service Marketplace on the navigation sidebar and search for doc. Click the tile named Document Translation to access the service.

    Service Marketplace
  • Step 4

    You will now create an instance of your service.

    1. Click on the button to Create a new instance.

      Service Instance
    2. In the dialog, leave the default value for the service and select the free service plan.

      For the name for your new instance, enter: translation.

      Create Instance

      Click Create Instance (you can ignore the other steps).

    3. In the following dialog, click View Instance to go to the list of your service instances.

      View Instances

    You have successfully created a service instance for Document Translation.

  • Step 5

    You are now able to create service keys for your new service instance. Service keys are used to generate credentials to enable apps to access and communicate with the service instance.

    1. Click the navigation arrow to open the details of your service instance. Then, click the dots to open the menu and select Create Service Key.

      Service Keys
    2. In the dialog, enter demo-key as the name of your service key. Click Create to create the service key.

      Create Service Key

    You have successfully created service keys for your service instance. You can now either view the service key in the browser or download it.

    View Service Key

    You will need the values of the service keys to enable the Document Translation service, for example, for the following:

    Where do you create the service key?

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