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Access S/4HANA Cloud System to View Sales Order

Check the sales order created in the backend system after successful completion of business process with action
You will learn
  • How to access backend system to check the newly created business object that has been generated using APIs via business process
ArchanaShuklaArchana ShuklaJanuary 16, 2023
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January 16, 2023


  • You must have your own S/4HANA Cloud system with needed credentials to access to sales order business objects.

Once the business process is successfully executed, a sales order will be created in the backend S/4HANA cloud system. Access the backend system to check if the sales order is actually created in the system with the given sales order details (as filled in the approval form).

  • Step 1
    1. Once the action is completed successfully, copy the sales order from Process and Workflow Instances.
      • Go to Monitor section and click Process and Workflow Instances.
      Access System
      • Click to filter COMPLETED instances.
      Access System
      • Search for your Order Processing Instance.
      • Click EXECUTION LOG tab.
      • Check if the Action is completed.
      • Open CONTEXT tab.
      • Copy the sales order number.

      This is the sales order that is newly created in the backend S/4HANA system.

      Access System
  • Step 2
    1. Open your S/4HANA Cloud System and select Sales Orders tab, and then click to open Manage Sales Order tile.
      Access System
  • Step 3
    1. Enter the sales order number in Sales Order, click Go.

      • once you find the sales order, click > to navigate to the sales order.
      Access System
    2. You can now explore the sales order to check Ship to Party, Expected Delivery Date etc.

      Access System

    From which application of SAP Build Process Automation, can you find the Sales Order ID created in the backend system?

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