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Create a Process Condition

Create a process condition to route the process based on business criteria
You will learn
  • How to create and configure a process condition
  • How to define different process flows for each conditional criteria
Archana ShuklaDecember 8, 2022
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November 20, 2022


In this unit, you will learn how to use process condition in a business process to get rid of unnecessary approvals when the process is routed for auto-approval or one-step-approval flow based on the sales order criteria.

A process condition routes the business process based on certain criteria. These conditions apply an If or Else rule to the process content and respond according to the rules defined as settings in the process builder.

  • Step 1

    Once the process with forms is designed, define which process flow should run based on if/else condition criteria.

    1. To add a condition to a process open the Process Builder. Choose + next to the Trigger. Select Controls then Condition.

      Process Condition
    2. To configure the condition, choose Open Condition Editor.

      Process Condition

      Process content will contain a list of attributes that have been defined in previous skills. For example: in the screenshot, you can see attributes from the trigger form. You will use this process content to configure different skills during business process modelling.

    3. Edit your branch condition:

      • Set Order Amount from the process content
      • Select is less than
      • Enter 100000 as the value
      • Choose Apply
      Process Condition
      You have configured your if branch to: if Order Amount is less than 100000.
    4. Similarly, add one more condition. Select Add Group.

      Process Condition
    5. In the group section select Any to make it OR conditional group. Select conditions:

      Item Condition Value
      Shipping Country is equal to India
      Shipping Country is equal toGermany

      Choose Apply to add the condition to the business process.

      You can expand the Summary section to see how the process conditions are designed

      Process Condition
    6. Link your Default branch to Approval Form.

      Process Condition

      With this process condition, only the sales order above a specific amount will be sent for approval and the rest will be auto-approved.

    7. Decide the process flow if the condition criteria is met. First, you have to remove the connection from If-route to Approval Form and then create a new form to notify the requester of the auto-approval.

      Process Condition
    8. To create the new form, add the New Form from the If-route.

      Process Condition
    9. In the Create Form window:

      • Enter the Name: Auto Approval Notification.
      • Enter a Description: Notification form to inform auto approval of the sales order.
      • Choose Create.
      Process Condition
    10. Open Editor of the form.

    11. Design the notification form, the same way as in the previous chapter, to send another notification to the requester about auto-approval. Add Layout fields:

      Form Fields Field Settings with Label
      Headline 1 Automatic Order Confirmation
      Paragraph Your order has been received and we will send you the details as soon as the order is shipped. You can find the details of your order below, please review and verify your request:
      Paragraph Your Sale’s Order Details:
    12. For all below Input Fields enter the labels and select the Read Only checkbox.

      Form FieldsField Settings with Label
      Text Order Number
      Number Order Amount
      Date Expected Delivery Date
    13. Add Layout field:

      Form Fields Field Settings with Label
      Paragraph Please press the SUBMIT button to acknowledge the order status.
      Process Condition
    14. Save your work.

  • Step 2
    1. Go back to the process builder and configure the auto approval form.

    2. Configure the General section.

    3. Under Subject:

      • Enter: Your order
      • Choose: Order Number from Order Processing Form
      • Enter: has been successfully received
    4. Under Recipients select Process Started By.

      Process Condition
    5. Configure the Inputs section.

      Form Input FieldsProcess Content Entry
      Order Number Order Number
      Order Amount Order Amount
      Expected Delivery Date Expected Delivery Date
      Process Condition
    6. Connect the outgoing flow of the auto-approval form to the End activity.

      Process Condition
    7. Save your work.

      This completes the process design with condition criteria that will decide what process flow is executed and whether there will be an auto-approval or a one-step approval route.

    Which configurations are necessary for process condition?

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