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Deploy Your SAPUI5 App

Create, build, and deploy an MTA project with an integrated SAPUI5 module to SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment
You will learn
  • How to build a multi-target application (MTA).
  • How to deploy a multi-target application to Cloud Foundry.
  • Step 1

    Build (aka package) the project to an .mtar archive to deploy it to Cloud Foundry.

    1. Right-click on the mta.yaml file and select Build MTA Project to trigger this process.

    2. Once the build is finished, you can see a message in the log. You can now find the generated .mtar archive in the project tree in the mta_archives directory.

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  • Step 2
    1. If you don’t have the Application Info page open, you can open the Command Palette from menu View > Command Palette, type Application Info, and select Fiori: Open Application Info. Click on the Deploy Application tile to start deployment process.

    2. Once the process is finished, you can get the URL of the deployed app by running cf html5-list -u -di sap-btp-sapui5-destination-service -u --runtime launchpad in a new terminal session.


      Use the following command in case you use the Portal service

      cf html5-list -di sap-btp-sapui5-destination-service -u --runtime cpp

    3. Follow the link in the console to open the application in your browser. You might need to log in with your SAP ID (the same credentials you use for the SAP BTP Cockpit).

    Paste the URL of your deployed application.

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