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Tour the SAP API Business Hub

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Tour the SAP API Business Hub

Tour the SAP API Business Hub

September 12, 2021
Created by Meredith Hassett
January 12, 2017
Explore the various features of the SAP API Business Hub, and learn how to find and test APIs.

You will learn

  • How to get started with SAP API Business Hub
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SAP API Business Hub is a website to discover, explore, and test APIs from various SAP products such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Customer Experience, SAP BTP, and selected partners. Apart from various product APIs, you can find detailed information on business processes and partner assets. The new workspace feature also enables you to consume integration and workflow content.

Want to learn more about the new SAP API Business Hub? Not sure where to get started? Go to, and begin your journey.

Step 1: Go to the SAP API Business Hub

In your browser, open SAP API Business Hub.

SAP API Business Hub page

You can explore products, business processes, as well as different categories of assets, along with partner and featured content.
Choose Explore for quick access to the various sections of the SAP API Business Hub.

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Step 2: Explore API content

On the SAP API Business Hub homepage, choose Categories.

SAP API Business Hub homepage API tile

Choose APIs from the different categories available.

SAP API Business Hub APIs section
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Step 3: Search for an API

Different APIs, policy templates, and API packages are available under the API category. An API package contains one or more APIs. You can browse through different types of APIs such as REST, ODATA, and SOAP APIs.

Searching for types of APIs APIs

You can explore APIs either by selecting a type of an API or by selecting an API package.
Navigate to the Packages tab. You can choose any package for testing.

API Hub Packages search

For the purpose of this tutorial, we are going to choose the SAP Cloud for Customer package.

SAP Cloud for Customer Package Search
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Step 4: Explore the API

On choosing the SAP Cloud for Customer package, you can view the available APIs in the package.
Select the Campaign API to explore it in detail.

SAP Cloud for Customer API package details

The Overview section briefs you about the API. From here you can download the API reference file, view the documentation available, and check for the API version.

The API Reference section provides information and functions that are offered to consume the API.

Campaign API References

The API can contain one or more endpoints which are organized into groups. On the left-hand side of selected API - Campaign, you can see six groups of endpoints.

Campaign API

Various HTTP methods of API are used to address the functionality of endpoints. While exploring the endpoints, you may wish to collapse the information by selecting the GET operation row. You can explore the available endpoints for the API to understand it in detail.

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Step 5: Test an API endpoint

The SAP API Business Hub allows you to test APIs. Sandbox environment is provided to test the Campaign API.
To take advantage of this, ensure you are logged on. Select Login at the top of the page.


Once logged on, choose the Try Out button in the Overview section.

The “Try out” button

Selecting this will open the Try Out View.

For the purpose of this tutorial the GET /CampaignCollection operation has been selected for testing.

Get method for Campaign API

Calling the GET operation on the /CampaignCollection endpoint will return a list of entities from Campaign Collection. The $top parameter can be used to retrieve only the first n results once all the other filtering is done. Specify a value of 20 for this parameter.

editable fields on User endpoint

You can also select the $orderby to sort the display order based on Object ID, Object ID description, Campaign Type, and so on.

Once the required inputs are entered, Choose Run at the top right corner to view the response.


The response section displays various entities fetched calling the GET method.

Response Body

Feel free to explore other endpoints in this Campaign API.

What is the last name of the only user from the results array?

Congratulations, you have just taken your first steps with the SAP API Business Hub and should now be able to navigate it and the content within, confidently.

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