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Get Started with the SAP API Business Hub

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Get Started with the SAP API Business Hub

Get Started with the SAP API Business Hub

January 20, 2021
Created by Meredith Hassett
January 12, 2017
Learn how to find and test the API Business Hub.

You will learn

  • How to get started with SAP API Business Hub
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Want to learn more about the new SAP API Business Hub? Not sure where to get started? Find more about how to find and enable the SAP API Business Hub in your SAP Cloud Platform instance.

Once you are in the SAP API Business Hub, start learning about and testing one of the many available APIs.

Step 1: Navigate to the SAP API Business Hub

Follow the link to the SAP API Business Hub.

SAP API Business Hub page

The SAP API Business Hub (henceforth referred to as the Hub) contains valuable information on APIs of course, but there is other content also available, such as Business Processes, Events, CDS Views and more.

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Step 2: Explore API content

On the SAP API Business Hub homepage, select Content Types > APIs to see the available API content.

SAP API Business Hub homepage API tile

This will take you to the APIs section on the homepage. Select View More to see all available APIs and packages.

API listing on homepage

This will take you to the API content listing on the SAP API Business Hub.

Searchable API list page

Pay particular attention to the icons used here - there are API packages denoted by one particular icon, and individual APIs within a package, denoted by a different icon. Select an API package from the list to see both icons in use. For example, selecting the SAP Cloud Platform Integration API package reveals individual APIs within.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration package and APIs
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Step 3: Search for an API

As an alternative to exploring and navigating the content on the Hub, there is a search facility on the homepage. Use the “SAP API Business Hub” link in the very top left of the page to return to the homepage where you’ll see the search box. Search for SuccessFactors to find all the SuccessFactors related content.

Searching for SFSF APIs

This will bring up all the Hub content relating to SuccessFactors, including APIs and API packages. You may wish to experiment with refining the search results using the checkboxes on the left hand side to specify API and API Package types only.

Success Factors search results

Find and select the SAP SuccessFactors Foundation/Platform API package.

Selecting the SuccessFactors Foundation/Platform API package

This will bring up the SAP SuccessFactors Foundation/Platform API package detail, showing the APIs available.

SAP SuccessFactors API overview page

Let’s drill down one level further and select a particular API in this package - the User Management API.

User Management tile on page
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Step 4: Explore the API

An API package contains one or more APIs, and an API itself can contain one or more endpoints (also known as resources), organised into groups. Take a look at the endpoints in the User Management API you’ve just selected, and you’ll see that there are three groups of endpoints - User, User Permissions and Service Operations - shown on the left hand side.

The endpoints

The API page will most likely have opened displaying the expanded detail of the first operation / endpoint combination in the first group, in this case the GET operation on the /User endpoint. While exploring all the endpoints you may wish to collapse the information, which you can do by selecting the GET operation to toggle the display. The screenshot above shows the collapsed endpoints within the User group.

Take a minute to explore the API and understand how endpoints are organized into groups, and what operations are available on which endpoints.

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Step 5: Test an API endpoint

The Hub offers a test facility for APIs. In order to take advantage of this, you need to log on. Select Log On at the top of the page.

Log On button in SAP API Business Hub

Once logged on, when looking at the details for an operation / endpoint combination, you will see a Try Out button.

The “Try out” button

Selecting this will open any parameters in that section for input. Make sure you select the GET /Users operation / endpoint to try out within the User Management API.

editable fields on User endpoint

Calling the GET operation on the /User endpoint will return a list of users from SuccessFactors. The $top parameter can be used to retrieve only the first n results once all the other filtering is done. Specify a value of 20 for this parameter.

We can use the $select parameter to restrict the properties returned. Select firstName, jobTitle and lastName from the list.

Use the control key on Windows, or the command key on macOS to be able to select multiple entries.

Finally, use the $filter parameter to include an OData filter expression to limit the results - specify firstName eq 'Amy'.

Query parameters populated in the API Hub

When you’re ready, select Execute at the bottom of the documentation for that method.

The “Execute” button

Below the Execute button, you will see details of the call that was made on your behalf. This includes the entire URL of the request, along with the response headers and body. The SuccessFactors system used in this particular test is a sandbox system with a limited amount of data.

Feel free to explore other endpoints in this User Management API.

What is the last name of the only user from the results array?

Congratulations, you’ve just taken your first steps with the SAP API Business Hub, and should now be able to navigate it and the content within, in confidence.

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