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Create an Account on the Gateway Demo System

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Create an Account on the Gateway Demo System

Create an Account on the Gateway Demo System

August 18, 2020
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April 5, 2016
Sign up for an account on our demo Gateway server (ES5).

You will learn

  • How to create an account on the Gateway Demo System (ES5).
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At the end of this tutorial, you will have a username and password, and will be able to sign in to the Gateway web front end.

Step 1: Go to sign up page

First we need to create an account on the Gateway System. The system will use your profile information to create the account.

Click this link in your browser: Gateway Registration system.

In order to sign up for an account on the Gateway Demo System, you must have an account on To register for an account on, navigate to, and then click on the person icon in the upper left hand corner of the web page. Once your account is set up, you can continue to register.

You should see this page:

Gateway Demo web based sign up form
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Step 2: Fill out registration form

Verify all of your user information on the web page. Please be certain your email address is correct. If this address is incorrect, please fix it in your user profile.

Next, read the Terms and Conditions, and check the box next to the line I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions.

When ready, click Register. This might take a couple of seconds.

The screen will change and the word Success will appear.

Gateway Web sign up success

Your username and a temporary password are displayed on the registration screen. The username is User ID, and you can click Show Password? to reveal the temporary password.

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Step 3: Go to SAP Gateway web GUI

Once you received your registration email, go to the SAP Gateway Web GUI. Enter the username and initial password from your email.

Initial login - Gateway Web GUI
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Step 4: Change password

The system will request that you change your initial password to a new password which only you know.

Initial login - change your password

When your password is changed, you will see a confirmation dialog. Click Continue.

Initial login - password change confirmation
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Step 5: Go to SAP Easy Access page

You should now see the SAP Easy Access screen. Your account is now active and ready for use.

SAP NetWeaver Gateway Splash ScreenSAP NetWeaver Gateway Main Screen

Enter the URL of the SAP Easy Access page below and click Validate.


Additional Information

Account Maintenance

  • If you need to reset your password, please visit the Gateway Registration system again. The system will reset your password and email you the new temporary password.

Problems? Need Help?

There are two different forums, depending on what type of trouble you are experiencing. Please use the correct one, or it will take longer to answer your questions.

  • For questions about SAP Gateway (this includes using the Gateway server, creating services, or accessing ODATA) please post any questions to the SAP NetWeaver Gateway Community Q&A system.

  • For any problems with registration, or password changes, please email

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