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Access SAP Mobile Services

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Access SAP Mobile Services

Access SAP Mobile Services

September 9, 2021
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March 22, 2017
Access SAP Mobile Services within a SAP Business Technology Platform account and open the Mobile Services cockpit.

You will learn

  • How to access SAP Mobile Services in your BTP account
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  • You have Set Up a BTP Account for Tutorials. Follow the instructions to get an account, and then to set up entitlements and service instances for the following BTP services.
    • SAP Mobile Services

Once SAP Mobile Services is available, you can use its features in your Mobile development kit, Mobile Cards, SAP BTP SDK for iOS & Android apps.

Step 1: Go to your global account on SAP BTP

Make sure you are choosing the right BTP account type ( Free Tier or Free Trial ) in the tabs under Step 1.

  1. In your web browser, open the SAP BTP cockpit.

  2. Provide the login details and click Log On.

    SAP BTP Log On Screen
  3. Enter your Global Account.

    SAP BTP Global Account
  1. In your web browser, open the SAP BTP Trial cockpit.

  2. Provide the login details and click Log On.

    SAP BTP Log On Screen
  3. Navigate to the trial global account by clicking Go To Your Trial Account.

    Trial global account
Log on to answer question
Step 2: Launch SAP Mobile Services cockpit
  1. Click subaccount available in your global account.

    enter subaccount
  2. In the left pane, choose Services Services Service Marketplace.

    The Service Marketplace is where you can find services to attach to any of your applications. These services are provided by SAP BTP to create, and produce applications quickly and easily. Once a service has been created, it is known as a service instance.

    service marketplace
  3. Search for Mobile, and click Mobile Services tile.

    mobile service tile
  4. Choose Support to open SAP Mobile Services Cockpit.

    support button click
  5. If you are asked to sign in then enter your Email or Username to continue and click Next.

  6. Choose the relevant Organization and Space from the dropdown list, and then select Open.

    Organization: Organizations in CF enable collaboration among users and enable grouping of resources.

    Space: Cloud Foundry has a standard working environment for individual applications: it is called a space. Spaces are individual working areas, which normally contain a single application.


    You have now logged in to the SAP Mobile Services cockpit.


    Bookmark the Mobile Services cockpit URL for quick access.

What information do you see in the Mobile Services cockpit landing page?

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