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Get Ready for Your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Trial Mission

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Get Ready for Your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Trial Mission

Get Ready for Your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Trial Mission

October 25, 2021
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August 3, 2021
Set up for the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud mission by signing up for a free SAP Data Warehouse Cloud trial.

You will learn

  • How to sign up for trial
  • The goals of this mission
  • Where to find and how to use the toolkit for this mission
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Step 1: Sign up for free trial

To sign up for a free trial of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, go to this link, and click on Start your free trial.

Enter your details and confirm your e-mail address. You will then receive an email with more instructions and a link to sign into your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud trial! Your trial will be available for 30 days, so make sure to make the most of this time.

To learn more about how the trial works, please visit the FAQ section of the product page.

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Step 2: Get to know mission objective

In this mission, you’ll see a business scenario to give you context as you explore SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. The example and dataset you’ll use will be around a fictitious global bike supplier called Best Run Bikes. This company is looking to use sales data they have available to maximise their sales.

Your mission today is to help Best Run Bikes to get a holistic view of their sales data by using the power of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. You will get the sales data of Best Run Bikes and it is your mission to use the features of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to help the bike suppliers make the best possible business decisions.

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Step 3: Download mission toolkit

The toolkit contains sample data you can import into your trial SAP Data Warehouse Cloud account. The toolkit consists of 4 sales data CSV tables related to Best Run Bikes. These are:

Sales Orders

Sales Order Items


Business Partners

Download these files and save them in a folder on your local system. After that, you will be ready to get hands-on!

Which company are you helping make better decisions with this SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Mission?

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