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Run the Employee Onboarding Sample Scenario

Now that your workflow is set up, business rules are integrated and visibility scenario is configured, run your workflow and visualize it.
You will learn
  • How to start the workflow from Monitor Workflow application
  • How to track and view workflow progress from Process Visibility Workspace

ArchanaShuklaArchana ShuklaNovember 15, 2022
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September 23, 2019
  • Step 1

    First, we will import sample events & data, process these events and view them in workspace using different process visibility applications. This is mainly done to give you a demo-ready workspace with pre-filled data. Later, you will run the employee onboarding workflow and see the process workspace being updated automatically in real time.

    1. Download the events Employee_OnboardingEvents.json file from here.

    2. In the Workflow Management Launchpad, click the Event Acquisition tile.

      You got the workflow management application link in the last step of the set up tutorial. The link would be like:

      https://<subdomain>.cockpit.workflowmanagement.cfapps.<eu10 or us10>

      Import Events
    3. To import the sample events from the downloaded events file, choose Import.

      Import Events
    4. Browse to the downloaded events file location, select the file and click Import

      Import Events
    5. Once the events are imported successfully, choose Filter, select Process Definition ID and enter onboard to see all the imported events.

      See Events
      See Events

      All the sample events are displayed.

      See Events
  • Step 2
    1. In the Workflow Management Launchpad, click the Monitor Visibility Scenarios tile.

      Open Monitor Scenario1
    2. Select Employee Onboarding scenario and click Process Data.

      Process Events Data
    3. Refresh to see the processing details.

      View Processed Data
  • Step 3
    1. In the Workflow Management Launchpad, click the Process Workspace tile.

      View Scenario1
    2. Click Employee Onboarding scenario to open the process workspace.

      Open Scenario
    3. The process visibility workspace for Employee Onboarding scenario is displayed with sample data.

      View Scenario2
  • Step 4

    Now, you will run the workflow and see how the new events and data are automatically processed and shown in process workspace in real time.

    1. In the Workflow Management Launchpad, open the Monitor Workflow - Workflow Definitions tile to see all deployed workflow definitions.

      Open Monitor Workflows
    2. Select the onboard workflow, and choose Start New Instance.

    3. The start context is already filled. Choose Start New Instance and Close.

      Start New Instance
    4. Choose Show Instances to see all workflow instances of the onboard workflow definition.

      View Details of Instance
    5. Go back to the Workflow Management Launchpad homepage. The My Inbox tile shows one open task.

      Open Task in My Inbox
    6. Click the My Inbox to display the Confirm or Change Equipment workflow task.

      • You can add or delete the equipment, by choosing the Add and Cross in Equipment Needed section.

      • To complete the task, choose Confirm. The task then disappears from the list.

      Confirm Task
  • Step 5
    1. In the Workflow Management Launchpad, open Monitor Visibility Scenarios application, click Process Data and Refresh to see the new batch of processed events.

      New Workflow Event Processed

      If Schedule Job in ON then the events are automatically processed at an interval of 5 minutes.

    2. Go back to Workflow Management Launchpad, choose the Process Workspace tile and open Employee Onboarding scenario.

      You will notice that the Open Instances number has changed which means the workflow instance has been processed and its progress can be tracked from this process visibility workspace.

      Process Workspace
  • Step 6
    1. Go back to My Inbox application, click Approve to approve the Approve Equipment task:

      • If you do not see the task, refresh the My Inbox tile to see the Approve Equipment task.

      The Approve Equipment task shows the equipment configured by the buddy. As a manager, you can either approve or reject the proposed equipment for the new hire. To complete the task, choose Approve.

      Approve Equipment
    2. Refresh the tasks list and execute the Accept Workplace task:

      As a buddy, click the Accept Workplace to complete the task. The workflow status is set to Completed.

      Accept Equipment
    3. In the Workflow Management Launchpad, open the Monitor Workflow - Workflow Instances tile, choose the filter button, select the Status option and choose the Completed status.

      View Completed Workflow Instance

      Now, you see the completed workflow instance. You can choose to see the Execution Log.

      View Details Completed Instance

    There are some standard actions available on this task. What are they?

  • Step 7
    1. In the Workflow Management Launchpad, choose Monitor Visibility Scenarios to process the new set of events.

      See Processed data
    2. Go back to the homepage, choose Process Workspace tile and open the Employee Onboarding scenario.

      You will see that the Completed Instances and Cycle Time numbers have changed.

      View Scenario4

    Congratulations. With this, you have successfully completed the mission on Automating and Extending Employee Onboarding process using Workflow Management. In this mission, you learned about Workflow, Business Rules and Process Visibility capabilities of SAP Workflow Management and how they come together to help you automate processes and decisions, together with providing an out-of-box visibility into the workflows.

    Which among these applications are used to view process visibility events?

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