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Set Up SAP Business Application Studio for Multi-Channel Development

Set up your SAP Business Application Studio to start developing mobile and web applications.
You will learn
  • How to create a development space in SAP Business Application Studio
  • How to connect to your Cloud Foundry target in SAP Business Application Studio
jitendrakansalJitendra KansalNovember 7, 2022
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October 4, 2022

SAP Business Application Studio is the next-generation web-based IDE hosted on SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) in the Cloud Foundry environment. In this tutorial, you will set up your SAP Business Application Studio for developing mobile apps.

  • Step 1

    Before you can start using SAP Business Application Studio, you need to create your developer space, where your project will run. Depending on the application you want to develop, you can create different types of dev spaces.

    For this tutorial, you will create a dev space personalized for Mobile development.

    1. Launch SAP Business Application Studio in any one of the supported browsers and click Create Dev Space.

    2. Choose Tutorial as the name for your dev space and SAP Mobile Application as the application type. Continue with Create Dev Space.

      BAS New Space

      By selecting SAP Mobile Application, your space comes with several extensions out of the box that you will need to develop Mobile applications. The creation of the dev space takes a few seconds.

    3. When it’s ready, open your dev space by clicking on the name.

      BAS Enter Space

      Please note that you’re using the trial version of SAP Business Application Studio. See section Restrictions in the SAP Business Application Studio documentation for more details on how your development environment can be affected.

    Which option do you select to create a dev space for mobile development?

  • Step 2

    You will now switch your workspace to the projects folder.

    1. Click on the Explorer icon and click Open Folder.
      BAS New Space
    2. Select the projects folder if not already selected and click OK.
      BAS New Space

    The projects folder is now open as the workspace.

    BAS New Space

    Congratulations, you have successfully configured SAP Business Application Studio to build multi-channel applications.

    You can now build Mobile Development Kit apps or SAP Mobile Cards apps using Business Application studio.

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