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Integrate Your SAPUI5 App into Your Launchpad Site

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Integrate Your SAPUI5 App into Your Launchpad Site

Integrate Your SAPUI5 App into Your Launchpad Site

January 15, 2021
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September 7, 2020
Add an SAPUI5 app to an SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad site.

You will learn

  • How to add a deployed, custom-developed SAPUI5 app to your SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad site
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  • You’ve already created the JobCore Launchpad site.
  • You’ve deployed your SAPUI5 app (including the navigation properties), to SAP Cloud Platform.

Once you’ve deployed your SAPUI5 app to SAP Cloud Platform, it becomes available to add to a Launchpad site.

Step 1: Fetch updated content using the Provider Manager
  1. In the side navigation panel of your subaccount, click Subscriptions and enter Launchpad in the search bar.

  2. Then on the Launchpad tile, click Go to Application.

  3. Click the Provider Manager icon to view any available content providers.

    Open Provider Manager
  4. Select the HTML5 Apps content provider.

    The HTML5 Apps content provider is created automatically. Any app that you deploy to SAP Cloud Platform is automatically added as content to this provider.

    Select the HTML5 Provider
  5. Click the Fetch updated content icon.

    Fetch updated content

The HTML5 Apps content provider should now expose any newly deployed app for integration.

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Step 2: Add your deployed SAPUI5 app to your content
  1. Click the Content Manager icon in the side panel to open the Content Manager.

    Open Content Editor

    The Content Manager has two tabs: My Content where you can manually configure content items and view any other available content items, and the Content Explorer where you can explore exposed content from available content providers, select the content, and add it to your own content.

  2. Click the Content Explorer tab to explore content from the available content providers.

    Open Content Explorer
  3. Select the HTML5 Apps provider.

    Select the HTML5 tile
  4. You’ll see that your Suppliers app that you’ve just created in SAP Business Application Studio, already exists in this provider. Select it and click + Add to My Content.

    Add app to My Content
  5. Click the My Content tab.

    Click My Content

    Note that your Suppliers app is in the list of content items.

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Step 3: Create group and assign app to it

In this step, you’ll create a new group and assign the Suppliers app to it.

A group is a set of one or more apps displayed together in the launchpad. Assigning apps to groups allows users to view them in the launchpad.

  1. Click + New in the Content Manager and select Group to create a new group.

    Add new group
  2. Enter Our Suppliers as the Title.

  3. In the Assignments panel on the right, click in the search box to see a list of apps.

    If you have many apps, you can type some letters of your app name in the search bar, (for example, su) to search for the app.

  4. Next to the Suppliers app, click the + icon to assign your app to this group.

    Assign app to group

    You’ll see that the icon changes.

  5. Click Save.

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Step 4: Assign app to Everyone role

In this step, you’ll assign the Suppliers app to the Everyone role. This is a default role - content assigned to the Everyone role is visible to all users.

  1. Open the Content Manager from the side panel.

    Open Content Manager
  2. Click the Everyone role to open the role editor.

  3. Click Edit.

    Edit role
  4. Click the search box in the Assignments panel on the right. Any available apps are shown in the list below.

  5. Next to the Suppliers app, click the + icon. You’ll see that the icon changes.

  6. Click Save.

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Step 5: Review your site
  1. Click the Site Directory icon to open the Site Directory.

    Open site directory
  2. Click Go to site on the site tile.

    Open site

    You’ll see all the apps that you have created in your launchpad. In the Our Suppliers group, you’ll see the Suppliers app that we’ve just created.

    See all apps
  3. Click the app to launch it.

    View app
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