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Set Up the SDK for Data Attribute Recommendation

Create a virtual environment and install the Python SDK (Software Development Kit) for Data Attribute Recommendation.
You will learn
  • How to set up a virtual environment
  • How to install the SDK for Data Attribute Recommendation
Juliana-MoraisJuliana MoraisMay 16, 2022
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August 5, 2020

Use Data Attribute Recommendation (one of the SAP AI Business Services in SAP Business Technology Platform) to classify entities such as products, stores and users into multiple classes, using free text, numbers and categories. For more information, see Data Attribute Recommendation help portal documentation. For the definition of specific terms, see Concepts.

The Data Attribute Recommendation service provides a REST API to communicate and interact with your service instance. The Python SDK for Data Attribute Recommendation provides an implementation that allows you to easily consume the APIs of the service without having to write your own code. It also serves as a reference implementation and can be easily transferred into other programming environments and languages.

The SDK is available in GitHub.

  • Step 1

    First, you need to make sure that you have Python installed. Ideally, you have a Python version from 3.5 up to 3.8 as those are actively supported by the SDK.

    Python Version

    In case you have a Python installation, it will output the version. If you have a version lower than 3.5 head over here and install an up-to-date version that is supported by the SDK.

    In case command not found is printed, you do not have Python installed. Head over here and install an up-to-date version that is supported by the SDK. Then, close down and open up a new command prompt or terminal and run the command python --version again to check if the installation was successful.

  • Step 2

    Next, you will set up a virtual environment using the Python package virtualenv. With this package you avoid installing Python packages globally which could break system tools or other projects.

    Activate virtual environment

    You can tell that the environment is activated as it is added to your current path.

  • Step 3

    Finally, you can install the SDK of Data Attribute Recommendation.

    Within your virtual environment, run the command pip install data-attribute-recommendation-sdk to install the SDK.

    Install SDK

    You will then receive a similar output as above.

    As a first test, enter the command python -c "import sap.aibus.dar.client" to import the SDK. If there is no error the installation was successful and you can move onto the next tutorial.

    Import SDK
  • Step 4

    What are virtual environments in Python used for?

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