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Deploy SAP Build App to SAP BTP

Deploy an app created with SAP Build Apps to HTML5 applications on SAP BTP.
You will learn
  • How to deploy an SAP Build app to SAP BTP
thecodesterDaniel WroblewskiMarch 29, 2023
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March 1, 2023


  • To deploy, you need to be a member of the Cloud Foundry org and space to which you will be deploying to.

After creating an app in SAP Build Apps, and after viewing the preview on the web and on your mobile device, you can then deploy it directly to SAP BTP, like any other HTML5 application.

As of the writing of this tutorial, you could only deploy to an Cloud Foundry org’s default space.

IMPORTANT: You need to be a member of the Cloud Foundry org and space to which you will be deploying to.

If you are an admin of the SAP BTP subaccount, you can see who is an org member by going to the cockpit and navigating to Cloud Foundry > Org Members.

Org members

If you navigate to the space, there is a similar members for space members.

Space members

  • Step 1

    Here, you can configure settings for your build. Generally, you can use the defaults and do not need to do this step at all.

    1. Open the Launch tab.

    2. Select Open Build Service.

      Build service

      The following is displayed, with buttons to configure and start the build in the bottom left.

      Build home page
    3. Click Configure.

    4. Select MTAR, and then Save & Next.

      Configure MTAR
    5. Change the favicon, if needed, and select Save & Next.

    6. Select Save & Next.

    You should now be back on the main build page.

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  • Step 2
    1. Click Build.

      Click Build
    2. Select MTAR.

      Select the most current runtime version.

      Enter a version for your app, for example 1.0.0.

    3. Click Build.

    The build may take a few minutes, and if you refresh the page, the status may change from created to queued to delivered.

    Build status
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  • Step 3

    Before deploying, you must have a build showing as delivered.

    Delivered status
    1. Click Deploy MTA.

    2. Click Authorize BTP Deployments.


      You will get a dialog for signing in to the deployment environment (Cloud Foundry).

      Select your account.

      Select account
    3. Once signed in, select the Cloud Foundry organization to deploy the app to.

      For SAP Build workshops, this will be Work Zone Training _training-emea-z3ktmhk1.

      Select org

      The deployment is always to the default space of the organization.

    4. Click Deploy MTA.

      Deploy MTA

      The screen will show a running list of log messages … this could take about 2 minutes.

      Log messages

      Once it is done, you will get a screen like this:

      Alt text

      The name of the app is at the end of the URL.

      IMPORTANT: As of the writing of this tutorial, the link in this screen did not work.

      Generally the link will be in this format:

      https://<tenant subdomain><app name>.<app name>-<version>/page.Page1.html

      The app name is generally in the format ag1234. So an example URL is:

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  • Step 4
    1. Open your subaccount’s cockpit.

    2. Go to HTML5 Applications, and find your app.

      HTML5 Applications

      Click the application link.

      You should now see your application.

    What file type do you use to deploy your SAP Build app to SAP BTP?

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