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Create a Dev Space for Business Applications

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Create a Dev Space for Business Applications

Create a Dev Space for Business Applications

April 20, 2021
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July 14, 2020
Create a dev space for business applications -- a preconfigured development environment with the required tools and extensions for a specific scenario.

You will learn

  • How to create a dev space in SAP Business Application Studio for developing business applications
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  • You are subscribed to SAP Business Application Studio. See Getting Started

Step 1: Create your preconfigured dev space
  1. Open SAP Business Application Studio.

  2. Choose Create Dev Space.

    Create DEV Space
  3. Choose a name for your dev space.

    Choose Name
  4. Choose Full Stack Cloud Application as the application type.

    Choose SAP Cloud

    By selecting SAP Cloud Business Application, your dev space comes with several extensions out-of-the-box that you need to develop CAP applications. For example, CDS tools, Java Tools, and MTA Tools.

  5. Choose Create Dev Space.

    Create Dev

    The creation of the dev space takes a while. You see that the status for your dev space will change from STARTING to RUNNING.

  6. Once the dev space is running, click the dev space name to open it.

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Step 2: Test yourself
What is a dev space?

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