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Create Custom Analytical Queries With Calculated Measures

Create a Custom Analytical Queries with Calculated Measures.
You will learn

This tutorial teaches you the creation of a Custom Analytical Query and the addition of a Calculated Measures. You will also be able to edit your calculated Measures and define an Exception Aggregation.

mervey45Merve TemelNovember 14, 2022
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July 28, 2017


The Business user requires the Role SAP_CA_BC_ANA_AQD_PC to access the Query Designer.
Furthermore ABAP Custom Analytical Queries as a tutorial reveals another Prerequisite.

The Application Custom Analytical Queries characterizes the usage of reporting and analysis.
Raw data from business documents are getting converted into a meaningful grid.
By using Custom Analytical Queries you do not need to understand the technical details.

  • Step 1

    Start the Custom Analytical Queries Application by selecting the corresponding tile in the SAP Fiori Launchpad.

    start Custom CDS View App
  • Step 2

    To edit your analytical query you have to search for it and select it.
    Furthermore you have to click on the Edit button to continue.

    start Custom CDS View App
  • Step 3

    Now you have to switch to the Display Tab to add a calculated measure.

    start Custom CDS View App
  • Step 4

    Press the Add button to add further calculated measures like:

    • Gross Profit
    • Gross Revenue
    • and Counter.
    Select Data Source
  • Step 5

    Select the measure margin and click on Edit to open the expression editor in a popup window.

    Select Data Source
  • Step 6

    You can choose different measures, supported functions and you have content assistance by pressing Ctrl + space.

    Select "Gross Profit" / "Gross Revenue" as an Expression.

    Select Data Source
  • Step 7

    The new expression for the calculated measure is shown in the text field.

    Select Data Source
  • Step 8

    For a calculated measure, you can define exception aggregation. Check Exception Aggregation and press the value help to add a function. The popup shows you the supported functions. One or more dimensions can be added to the exception aggregation via the + button.

    Select following:

    • COUNT as Function
    • Controlling Area as Dimension
    • and Cost Object as a further Dimension.
    Select Data Source
  • Step 9

    If a field supports hierarchies, then the hierarchy checkbox is shown in the properties.
    Checkmark the hierarchy checkbox to enable displaying hierarchy for CostCenter.
    Furthermore select values for Controlling Area and Cost Center Hierarchy.

    Select Data Source

  • Step 10

    Click on Save Draft to save the query and click afterwards on Preview to test the query.

    Select Data Source
  • Step 11

    Click on publish to publish the query. Published queries are available to be consumed by Key Performance Indicators and Reports.

    After publishing the status will be updated to published on the top right corner.

    Select Data Source
  • Step 12

    Where can you add calculated measures?

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