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Create the gamified HelpDesk application

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Create the gamified HelpDesk application
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Create the gamified HelpDesk application

Generate demo content for a sample gamified application and use the application.

You will learn

In this tutorial, you will see what gamification on the SAP Cloud Platform looks like through interacting with the gamified HelpDesk application that was automatically assigned to your account when you activated the gamification service.

Step 1: Select gamification in SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit
  1. In your Web browser, open the cockpit of the SAP Cloud Platform. Then select Services from the left-hand navigation.
Selecting Services
  1. Select the Gamification Service.
Selecting Gamification Service
Step 2: Open Gamification Workbench

Click Go to Service to open the Gamification Workbench.

Open WorkbenchGamification Workbench
Step 3: Create HelpDesk app

Go to the Administration tab and scroll to the Demo Content Generation section. Select HelpDesk from the Demo App drop-down menu and click Create. When the confirmation pop-up window appears, click OK.

Administration Tab

When generation of the application is complete, you will see the following message:

Successful App Creation
Step 4: Switch to gamified app

Switch to the gamified HelpDesk application by choosing HelpDesk from the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the Gamification Workbench.

Switch Applications
Step 5: Verify gamification in HelpDesk app

Go to the Summary tab and verify that the game mechanics of the HelpDesk application appear.

Verify Game Mechanics
Step 6: Open HelpDesk

Still in the Gamification Workbench, select the Help link in the upper right corner.

Open Help

Select Open HelpDesk in the Help screen.

Open HelpDesk
Step 7: Continue in home screen

Select continue when the home screen of the gamified HelpDesk application appears.

HelpDesk Home Screen

The gamified HelpDesk application will appear pre-populated with questions in your queue.

Step 8: Customize response

Customize a response in the Your Response field and click Send Answer.

Customize Response
Step 9: Test and verify

Respond to each message in your queue and verify that points and badges are awarded accordingly.

Experience PointsBadges

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