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Apply a Custom Theme to Your iOS App
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Apply a Custom Theme to Your iOS App


Apply a custom theme to your iOS app using the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS.

You will learn

  • How to apply a custom theme to your iOS app using NUI.

NUI enables you to style iOS components with Style sheets similar to CSS. NUI is already integrated in the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS so you don’t need to install anything.

Step 1: Create a NUI stylesheet

In Xcode, right-click the MyDeliveries folder and from the context menu, select New File…. In the dialog, scroll down to the Other section and select the Empty template:

Create a NUI stylesheet

Click Next to proceed.

In the next screen, provide the following details:

Field Value
File Name CustomTheme.nss
Create a NUI stylesheet

Make sure it is saved in the MyDeliveries group and click Create. The new CustomTheme.nss file is now created in the root of your project.

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Step 2: Add styles to the stylesheet

The styles in the stylesheet can be applied to both standard iOS components such as UINavigationBar, UITableView etc. as well as SAP Fiori for iOS components.

For a reference of the standard iOS components classes, you can refer to NUI style classes.

For SAP Fiori for iOS components style classes, the following conventions should be followed:

  • Global definitions
  • fdl<lower camelcase enum name>_<property name>
  • example: fdlFontStyle_subheadline
  • SAP Fiori component specific definitions

  • fdl<class name>_<property name>
  • example: fdlFUIWelcomeScreen_primaryActionButton

Open the just created CustomTheme.nss file, and add the following:

NavigationBar {
  bar-tint-color: #B0D450;

BarButton {
  font-color: #3A835B;

/* Onboarding Welcome Screen */
fdlFUIWelcomeScreen_headlineLabel {
  font-color: #3A835B;

/* Fiori subheadline */
fdlFontStyle_subheadline {
  font-style: subheadline;
  font-color: #3A835B;

/* Fiori Timeline cells */
fdlFUITimelineCell, fdlFUITimelineMarkerCell {
  background-color: #E0F0B9;

fdlFUITimelineMarkerCell_timelineBackground {
  background-color: #E0F0B9;

/* Fiori Data Vizualization */
fdlFUIChartFloorplanViewController_categoryAxisTitle {
  font-color: #3A835B;

This adds a light-green tint to the standard iOS navigation bar as well as a darker green for the navigation bar buttons.

The standard SAP Fiori subheadline font style (member of the SDK’s SAPFiori FDLFontStyle enum) is also changed to green, as is the onboarding’s application title and primary action button.

The SAP Fiori Timeline cells get a light green background, and the SAP Fiori Data Visualization chart texts will be the same dark green as the headlines.

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Step 3: Change chart bar color

The chart bars are normally not styled with a stylesheet, since you would rather have them colored based on their context and/or value.

However, you could easily change the default Fiori blue to a dark green color by adding the following line in the body of the viewDidLoad function inside the ChartViewController:

chartView.series.colors = [UIColor(hexString: "#3A835B")]
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Step 4: Load stylesheet

In order for your app to apply the custom styles, you need to tell your app to use the custom stylesheet.

Open the app’s AppDelegate.swift file, and in function application(_:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:), at the top of the function’s body, add the following line:

NUISettings.initWithStylesheet(name: "CustomTheme")

This tells your app to use NUI with your custom stylesheet CustomTheme.nss.

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Step 5: Build and run the app

First, remove the app from your device, so you will go through the onboarding again.

Then build and run the app.

When launched, you should see the restyled onboarding screen with the new theme:

Create a NUI stylesheet

If you proceed further, you will see the navigation bar is also styled:

Create a NUI stylesheet

And, unsurprisingly, the custom UI you have created earlier follows the same theme:

Create a NUI stylesheetCreate a NUI stylesheet

For more on theming SAP Fiori for iOS components, see Branding & Theming

For more on NUI, see NUI readme

Which line of code applies the stylesheet to your application?

Next Steps


  • Development environment: Apple iMac, MacBook or MacBook Pro running Xcode 10 or higher
  • SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS: Version 3.0
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