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SAP HANA - Create a Space in XS Advanced

Create a new space for XS Advanced
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jung-thomasThomas JungJanuary 27, 2021
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December 15, 2017


  • This tutorial is designed for SAP HANA on premise and SAP HANA, express edition. It is not designed for SAP HANA Cloud.
  • Step 1

    If you are using SAP HANA, express edition, go to https://hxehost:39030 to access the xsa-cockpit app.

    Cockpit log in

    If you are not using SAP HANA, express edition, or you have changed the ports, you can find out the right URL using command xs apps on the Command Line Interface and look for the URL for application xsa-cockpit. You can access the CLI directly from an SSH console on the server or download using the Download Manager. You can get the Download Manager after registering at the Download site


    Log in using xsa_admin (or, if unavailable, a user with authorizations to create Spaces)

    Log in with XSA_ADMIN
  • Step 2

    Click on Organizations and on the organization to which you want to add a space

    Organization and space management

    Then on New Space

    Create a space

    Provide a name for the space and the roles you want to give to XSA_ADMIN

    Name space
  • Step 3

    Click the space

    Add users

    Click Members and then on Add Member

    Add users

    Select the users you want to add to the space and their roles:

    Add users

    Go back using the Home button

    Add users
  • Step 4

    Go back using the home button and go into the SAP space

    App monitor

    Look for the app di-space-enablement-ui and enable it if it is not running yet:

    App monitor

    Once it is running, click on the link to see the URL (by default, https://hxehost:39030 )

    Space enablement
  • Step 5

    In the Space Enablement tool, click on Enable:

    Space enablement

    Wait until processing finishes and you get a successful message:

    Space enablement finished

    The space is now ready to use.

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