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SAP HANA XS Advanced - Package your MTA application for transport

10 min.
Transport your XS Advanced application for transport
You will learn
  • How to migrate your Multi Target Application into another server
jung-thomasThomas JungJanuary 5, 2021
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September 1, 2017


  • Step 1

    Right-click on your project and select Build->Build

    This will take several minutes to complete.


  • Step 2

    You will find a new folder named mta_archieves and within a folder for your project. Within this folder is the MTAR archive for your application.

    Export the .mtarfile into a local directory in your computer:

  • Step 3

    As a user with the proper permissions, for example, hxeadm if you are using SAP HANA, express edition, execute the XS CLI.

    Notes: If required, login to xs first using command xs login. Additionally, If you have created a user-provided service, you will need to create it with the proper xs cups command first.

    Use command xs deploy followed by the proper file:

    Deploy from CLI

    Make sure it finished successfully:

    Deploy finished

  • Step 4

    You can now check the services have been deployed using XS services:

    Deploy finished check

    And the application using xs apps in the corresponding space (for example, development in HANA express edition):

    Deploy finished check
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