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Setup your SAP HANA, express edition, instance

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Setup your SAP HANA, express edition, instance

Setup your SAP HANA, express edition, instance

January 5, 2021
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September 21, 2017
Setup your SAP HANA, express edition, instance with XS Advanced applications

You will learn

You will import and setup a virtual machine with SAP HANA, express edition. Please note that this virtual machine will be deleted by the next participant.

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  • This tutorial is designed for SAP HANA on premise and SAP HANA, express edition. It is not designed for SAP HANA Cloud.
  • Proficiency: Beginner

Step 1: Open VMWare Workstation Player

Open VMWare Workstation Player:

Open VMWare

If there is a Virtual Machine already there, use Delete from Disk on it so you get plenty of room for your own:

Delete any existing Virtual Machines

Once there are no virtual machines from previous developers, click on Open Virtual Machine

Open Virtual Machines

Navigate to the Desktop -> Virtual Machine folder and select hxexsa_rocks.ovf. Click on open

Open Virtual Machine

Wait for the Import process to finish.

Import VM

This will take about 10 minutes. The setup process has the same steps that you would execute if you downloaded a Virtual Machine with SAP HANA, express edition, in your personal computer.

Import VM

While you are waiting, if you do not have an account in GitHub, create one. If you do, log in.

Open GitHub

You will need your session open in a browser for later steps. To complete the following validation, go into your profile in GitHub:

Open GitHub

Which are some of the tabs you see next to Overview (more than one option applies)?
Open GitHub

Choose the right tabs and click on Validate

Which tabs are to the right of the Overview tab in your GitHub profile?
Step 2: While you are waiting: What is SAP HANA, express edition?

SAP HANA, express edition, is a streamlined version of the SAP HANA development platform. It is designed to run in constrained environments, such as a laptop. For this same reason, some of the features that become irrelevant in these environments, such as high-availability or connectivity to SAP Solution Manager, were removed from the platform.

what is HXE

There are two flavors for SAP HANA, express edition. The basic one, that includes the in-memory database, called server-only and the full image, that includes the XS Advanced applications.

The version you will be using today includes the XS Advanced applications. However, many features such as the administration cockpit, Smart Data Streaming or the EA designer have been removed or not installed in this particular image so that the import process is faster.

SAP HANA, express edition, can be downloaded for free and can also be executed in different cloud providers such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and MS Azure. The license allows you to use the platform for free for productive use up to 32 GB of RAM. You can upgrade the license to use more if needed.

Which features are true for SAP HANA, express edition?
Step 3: Start Setup

Once the Virtual Machine is imported, you can start using it. Click on Play virtual machine:

Power On

You will be prompted for a username and password. Enter:

Username: hxeadm
Password: HanaRocks01

Log in as <code>hxeadm</code>

You will be prompted for a password for your development user, XSA_DEV. Choose a password that you will remember and follows these rules:

Password must be at least 8 characters in length. It must contain at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, and 1 number. Special characters are allowed, except \ (backslash), " (double quotes), and backtick.

Password for XSA_DEV

You will be asked to confirm if you want to continue setup. Choose Y.

Confirm Yes

The database server and XS Advanced applications will now start. You can continue with the next step while the setup makes progress.

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Step 4: Setup the hosts file

After a minute or two, you will see your IP address. Take note of it:

Take note of IP address

Open Notepad as Administrator:


Open a file:


Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc, switch the filter extension to all files and open the file called hosts:


Delete any existing entry.

Add your IP and the host name hxehost. For example:


Save and close.

Open a Command prompt:

Command prompt

Enter ping hxehost. Copy the first three lines from the response into the frame below and click on Validate:

Command prompt
Step 5: Log in as XSA_DEV and get the Web IDE URL

Once the database and XS Advanced Applications have started, you will see the following success message:

Success msg

Use the following command in the console to get the URL for Web IDE. You will be prompted for your password. This is the password you chose for the user XSA_DEV.

xs login -u XSA_DEV -s SAP
XS Login

Enter the following commands:

xs apps | grep webide

You will see the status of the Web IDE application. Once it is shown as 1/1 it means that you can start using it.

Repeat the command until you see 1/1


You can see the URL for Web IDE is https://hxehost:53075.

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