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SAPPHIRE - Deploy SAP HANA on Google Cloud

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SAPPHIRE - Deploy SAP HANA on Google Cloud

SAPPHIRE - Deploy SAP HANA on Google Cloud

Deploy and configure your SAP HANA, express edition instance on Google Cloud in 10 minutes.

You will learn

This tutorial can only be completed at SAPPHIRE

To complete this tutorial, you will be using a Virtual Machine powered and sponsored by Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Platform
Step 1: Log in to your test account

The experts at the Developer Garage at SAPPHIRE NOW will provide you with access details. Open a new incognito window using Google Chrome.

Incognito Chrome

And navigate to the Google Cloud launcher:

Incognito Chrome

Click SIGN IN.

Log in to the Google Cloud launcher

And use the user name provided to you by the experts …

Log in to the Google Cloud launcher

… and the password as provided to you by the experts.

Log in to the Google Cloud launcher

You will be presented with the terms and policies applied to the test account.

Accept terms


Click console

Agree to the terms applicable to the test account.

Agree to terms

Click Select a project.

Select project

You will find a pre-created project. Select it.

Select project
Step 2: Deploy SAP HANA, express on Google Cloud Platform

Look for the full image of SAP HANA, express edition on the Google Cloud Platform using the search bar on the top. Click on the result that includes server + applications.

Look for SAP HANA


Launch on compute engine

Scroll down to accept the terms of service and agree on sharing information (remember, this applies to the test account) and click Deploy.

Launch on compute engine

Wait until the instance is deployed and click SSH.

Launch SSH

Copy and paste the following command into the console:

sudo su - hxeadm

And press Enter.

Configure GCP

You will be asked for some parameters to configure your SAP HANA, express edition instance.

Configure GCP

Configuration will take just a couple of minutes. In the meantime, continue with the next step.

Step 3: Configure access to your Virtual Machine

Go back to the Google Chrome window and click the name of the instance.

Configure VM

Select and copy (CTRL+C) the external IP address.

Configure VM

Click the Notepad icon on the task bar and replace any existing IP address with the one you have copied.

Configure VM

The IP address should be followed by a space and hxehost

Save the file.

Read the following text to question below.

SAP HANA and tutorials for free

SAP HANA, express edition is a streamlined version of SAP HANA. The license is provided for free, even for productive use, up to 32 GB of RAM.
In other words, you could SAP HANA, express edition for advanced analytics, as a development platform to later deploy on SAP Cloud Platform, for training or trying the latest SAP HANA features for free.
You can run SAP HANA, express edition on any hardware, like a laptop or on Google Cloud. You may also be eligible for free initial credits that will allow you to use the infrastructure also free of charge.
Find out more about how to deploy SAP HANA, express edition and access hundreds of free, step-by-step tutorials for developers at

Step 4: Connect to SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA

You will now connect to SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA. This is the editor in which you can create cloud-native, data-driven applications based on micro-services architecture.

Open a new incognito Google Chrome window.

Incognito Chrome

Enter the following URL:



You have successfully deployed and configured an SAP HANA, express edition virtual machine on Google Cloud.
Let one of the experts at the booth know, and feel free to ask them any questions.

You can continue with the next tutorial using your newly-created instance.

Incognito Chrome

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