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Create additional CDS entities and a view

You will create additional CDS entities and a view
You will learn

You will create two additional entities and a view to expose the data through a Node.js module

LsubatinLsubatinJanuary 5, 2021
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October 10, 2017


  • This tutorial is designed for SAP HANA on premise and SAP HANA, express edition. It is not designed for SAP HANA Cloud.
  • Proficiency: Beginner
  • Step 1

    Back in the development perspective, open the existing Core Data Services file in Code Editor mode:

    New CDS artifact

    You will reuse the existing file to add two more tables and a view.

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  • Step 2

    Replace the existing code with following code into the editor to create two additional entities:


    context PO { entity APPROVAL_STATUS { ID : String(1); TEXT : String(200); }; entity HEADER { key PURCHASEORDERID : String(10) not null; CURRENCY : String(5); GROSSAMOUNT : Decimal(15, 2); NETAMOUNT : Decimal(15, 2); APPROVALSTATUS : String(1); }; entity ITEM { key PURCHASEORDERID : String(10) not null; key PURCHASEORDERITEM : String(10) not null; PRODUCTID : String(10); CURRENCY : String(5); GROSSAMOUNT : Decimal(15, 2); NETAMOUNT : String(10); QUANTITY : Decimal(5, 2); QUANTITYUNIT : String(5); }; define view PO_VIEW as select from HEADER join APPROVAL_STATUS as A on "A"."ID" = "HEADER"."APPROVALSTATUS" { "HEADER"."PURCHASEORDERID" as "PURCHASEORDERID", "HEADER"."APPROVALSTATUS" as "APPROVALSTATUS", "HEADER"."GROSSAMOUNT" as "GROSSAMOUNT", "HEADER"."CURRENCY" as "CURRENCY", "A"."TEXT" as "TEXT" }; };

    As follows:

    New CDS artifact

    Save and Build the database module.

    New CDS artifact
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  • Step 3

    You will now use plain SQL to load data into your newly created entities. Copy the following code in the SQL console you left open from the database explorer:

    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.HEADER" VALUES('1000','USD',1704.22,1297.88,'A');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.HEADER" VALUES('1001','USD',184.39,1862.61,'A');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.HEADER" VALUES('1002','USD',1588.3,147.53,'R');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.HEADER" VALUES('1003','USD',178.14,485.68,'I');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.HEADER" VALUES('1004','USD',869.59,652.36,'I');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.HEADER" VALUES('1005','USD',1671.67,624.85,'A');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1000','1','PC_1001','USD',1657.7,193.38,2,'EA');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1001','1','HR_1232','USD',240.96,1964.76,5,'EA');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1002','1','IT_8456','USD',1678.83,1156.55,1,'EA');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1003','1','BO_5423','USD',136.45,212.50,1,'KG');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1004','1','PI_3721','USD',1108.46,1283.65,3,'KG');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1005','1','CC_3526','USD',581.84,1678.54,4,'LB');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1000','2','PROD1','USD',1241.95,1679.88,1,'EA');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1001','2','PROD1','USD',1490.50,460.70,5,'EA');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1002','2','PROD1','USD',318.25,7.15,4,'EA');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1003','2','PROD1','USD',311.75,152.29,1,'EA');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1004','2','PROD1','USD',664.58,864.91,5,'EA');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1005','2','PROD1','USD',1174.65,216.97,1,'EA');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1000','3','PRID2','USD',1839.9,1425.12,4,'M');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1001','3','PRID3','USD',1344.18,1838.52,3,'M');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1002','3','PRID4','USD',1109.49,950.91,1,'EA');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1003','3','PRID5','USD',570.36,1804.31,1,'LB');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1004','3','PRID6','USD',38.5,1874.59,2,'KG');
    INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1005','3','PRID7','USD',1145.66,126.50,2,'G');

    Click on the Run button:

    New CDS artifact

    What resembles the results of the execution the most?

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