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Create additional CDS entities and a view

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Create additional CDS entities and a view

Create additional CDS entities and a view

January 5, 2021
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October 10, 2017
You will create additional CDS entities and a view

You will learn

You will create two additional entities and a view to expose the data through a Node.js module

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  • This tutorial is designed for SAP HANA on premise and SAP HANA, express edition. It is not designed for SAP HANA Cloud.
  • Proficiency: Beginner

Step 1: Create a new CDS artifact

Back in the development perspective, open the existing Core Data Services file in Code Editor mode:

New CDS artifact

You will reuse the existing file to add two more tables and a view.

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Step 2: Create two additional entities

Replace the existing code with following code into the editor to create two additional entities:

context PO { entity APPROVAL_STATUS { ID : String(1); TEXT : String(200); }; entity HEADER { key PURCHASEORDERID : String(10) not null; CURRENCY : String(5); GROSSAMOUNT : Decimal(15, 2); NETAMOUNT : Decimal(15, 2); APPROVALSTATUS : String(1); }; entity ITEM { key PURCHASEORDERID : String(10) not null; key PURCHASEORDERITEM : String(10) not null; PRODUCTID : String(10); CURRENCY : String(5); GROSSAMOUNT : Decimal(15, 2); NETAMOUNT : String(10); QUANTITY : Decimal(5, 2); QUANTITYUNIT : String(5); }; define view PO_VIEW as select from HEADER join APPROVAL_STATUS as A on "A"."ID" = "HEADER"."APPROVALSTATUS" { "HEADER"."PURCHASEORDERID" as "PURCHASEORDERID", "HEADER"."APPROVALSTATUS" as "APPROVALSTATUS", "HEADER"."GROSSAMOUNT" as "GROSSAMOUNT", "HEADER"."CURRENCY" as "CURRENCY", "A"."TEXT" as "TEXT" }; };

As follows:

New CDS artifact

Save and Build the database module.

New CDS artifact
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Step 3: Load data into the entities

You will now use plain SQL to load data into your newly created entities. Copy the following code in the SQL console you left open from the database explorer:

INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.HEADER" VALUES('1000','USD',1704.22,1297.88,'A');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.HEADER" VALUES('1001','USD',184.39,1862.61,'A');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.HEADER" VALUES('1002','USD',1588.3,147.53,'R');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.HEADER" VALUES('1003','USD',178.14,485.68,'I');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.HEADER" VALUES('1004','USD',869.59,652.36,'I');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.HEADER" VALUES('1005','USD',1671.67,624.85,'A');

INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1000','1','PC_1001','USD',1657.7,193.38,2,'EA');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1001','1','HR_1232','USD',240.96,1964.76,5,'EA');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1002','1','IT_8456','USD',1678.83,1156.55,1,'EA');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1003','1','BO_5423','USD',136.45,212.50,1,'KG');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1004','1','PI_3721','USD',1108.46,1283.65,3,'KG');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1005','1','CC_3526','USD',581.84,1678.54,4,'LB');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1000','2','PROD1','USD',1241.95,1679.88,1,'EA');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1001','2','PROD1','USD',1490.50,460.70,5,'EA');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1002','2','PROD1','USD',318.25,7.15,4,'EA');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1003','2','PROD1','USD',311.75,152.29,1,'EA');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1004','2','PROD1','USD',664.58,864.91,5,'EA');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1005','2','PROD1','USD',1174.65,216.97,1,'EA');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1000','3','PRID2','USD',1839.9,1425.12,4,'M');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1001','3','PRID3','USD',1344.18,1838.52,3,'M');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1002','3','PRID4','USD',1109.49,950.91,1,'EA');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1003','3','PRID5','USD',570.36,1804.31,1,'LB');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1004','3','PRID6','USD',38.5,1874.59,2,'KG');
INSERT INTO "DB_1"."PO.ITEM" VALUES('1005','3','PRID7','USD',1145.66,126.50,2,'G');

Click on the Run button:

New CDS artifact
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