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Access SAP Work Zone from the SAP BTP Training Subaccount

Access the SAP Work Zone training SAP BTP subaccount.
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How to access SAP Work Zone

Lindsay BertSeptember 15, 2022
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September 13, 2022


To follow the trainings, the instructor will give you the following:
- A URL to a SAP BTP subaccount used for this training.
- A user name and password for the SAP Business Technology Platform account used in this training.
- A user for the Identity Authorization service (IAS) used in this training. IAS is the authentication service that is used to access the training environment for SAP Work Zone and SAP Business Application Studio.

In this workshop tutorial mission, you’ll be accessing the SAP Work Zone tutorial environment from a SAP BTP subaccount that has already been set up for you including a subscription to SAP Work Zone. Once you’ve accessed SAP Work Zone, in the next tutorial, you’ll create a workspace and add content to it.

Please note that due to the high number of participants that register for SAP Work Zone workshops, we have provided a single subaccount for multiple users. Therefore, you will be using a shared subaccount with others. In order to allow the exercises to run smoothly for all, please don’t edit the SAP Work Zone Home page as it’s a shared asset.

Important: To work on this shared environment, you’ll need to use a unique identifier for some entity names. This is important so that you can identify your entities. We have specified in each of the tutorials of this mission when this is relevant. For example, we will tell you to add your unique identifier like this: <your unique identifier>_<name of entity>.

  • Step 1
    1. Open your browser and navigate to the subaccount in SAP BTP that you received from the instructor.

    2. Click Instances and Subscriptions in the left navigation panel.

      Instances & Subscriptions
    3. Under the Subscriptions tab, click SAP Work Zone.

      Open work zone
    4. Enter your IAS log on credentials that were given to you by the instructor.

    SAP Work Zone opens displaying the Home Page that has already been configured for you.

    In the next tutorial, you’ll create a workspace and add apps and other content to it.

    Why do you need a unique identifier?

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