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Create Issues and Assign to Collaborators

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Create Issues and Assign to Collaborators

Create Issues and Assign to Collaborators

Create issues and milestones, and assign issues to collaborators to support collaborative development using GitHub and SAP Web IDE.

You will learn

  • How to create issues
  • How to assign issues and tasks to collaborators
  • How to set milestones for delivery
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Step 1: Create new issue in GitHub

Go to your GitHub organization repository.

Click on the Issues tab, and then click on New Issue to create a new issue.

GitHub issues
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Step 2: Fill in issue details

Enter the details about the change required.

In this instance, you will create 2 issues, one issue to remove Ordered by label from the Purchase Order header and the other issue to add a Product ID column to the Order Details table.

Click Labels and set it as Enhancement. Labels can be used to categorize issues into bug/enhancements. You can make your own custom labels.

GitHub issues

You can assign a specific collaborator to work on an issue. To do this, click Assignees and select the collaborator who will work on this.

Assign issues

You can set milestones for specific issues. Milestones are how similar issues and deadlines can be set and categorized. To create a milestone, click Milestone and enter a name for the milestone. If it doesn’t exist, you will be prompted to create it.

Assign issues

Click Submit new issue.

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Step 3: Add comments to issue

Once the issue is created, you can add comments, discuss it, and even add an emoji to express your interest in the issue.

Issue created
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Step 4: Assign deadlines for milestones

You can assign deadlines for milestones.

To do this, click the Issues tab of your GitHub organization repository, then click the Milestones tab.

Milestone tab

Click Edit and assign a due date.

Milestone tab

Click Save changes.

Update milestones

Similarly, you can create new milestones, update existing ones, and check for status of current milestones from this page.

Milestones status
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