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SAP HANA Studio, Setup a new project

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SAP HANA Studio, Setup a new project
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SAP HANA Studio, Setup a new project


Setup a new project using the SAP HANA Studio

You will learn

  • How to set up your first project with SAP HANA Studio for the SAP HANA, express edition


DEPRECATED: SAP HANA XS Classic is deprecated as of SPS02. Please use XS Advanced, and learn about how to get started with the new mission Get Started with XS Advanced Development.


  1. From the previous tutorial you should now have your SAP HANA Studio connected to your SAP HANA, express edition. Therefore, the next step is to create a link to the SAP HANA repository.

    connect repo

    Be sure to switch your perspective to the SAP HANA DEVELOPMENT one. To make the next steps work properly.

    connect repo
  2. Now that you have the repository linked you can create your first project. This initial project will be the basis for a series of tutorials.

    new project
  3. The first step to create your new repository will be select “File” then “New” and from the drop down you will select a “Project” under the “General” section.

    project name
  4. The project name will be mylocation as the idea behind this project will be a simple SAP HANA application around geographical location.

  5. Once the project is created you will need to create your initial .xsappfile to signify that it is an XS application followed by an .xsaccess file to define settings for the application. You can use either the wizard to select the XS Application Descriptor File and XS Application Access File

    new files

    or simply the “File” - “New” option and manually type the name .xsapp and .xsacess being sure to include the . first.

    new files
  6. The content of your .xsaccess file is quite simple.

    	"exposed": true

    The content of the .xsapp can actually be empty.

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