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Install SAP SQL Anywhere on Raspberry Pi

How to install SAP SQL Anywhere on Raspberry Pi board
You will learn


  • Raspberry Pi installed with Raspbian operating system (other Linux distributions and other ARMv6 and ARMv7 devices may work as well, but some commands may be different)
  • Internet connection from Raspberry Pi
  • Terminal access to Raspberry Pi (either through SSH or connected display)

How-To Details

This How-To tutorial focuses on version 17 of the SAP SQL Anywhere Developer Edition and Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Other Linux distributions and other ARMv6 and ARMv7 devices should work as well, but some commands may be different.


  • Step 1

    Before running this installation guide you should check that your Raspberry Pi software is up to date with the latest patches. You can follow steps below, or do it in your favorite way.

    First download package lists from the repositories and get information on the newest versions of packages and their dependencies.

    sudo apt update

    Next, upgrade any packages installed on your system that need upgrades.

    sudo apt full-upgrade

    It can take even up to one hour to finish the previous command depending on the number of packages to be upgraded.

  • Step 2

    Register for the SAP SQL Anywhere Developer Edition:

    Once you have received confirmation e-mail, check its content for links to download software packages for different versions, links to documentation and a link to user forums.

  • Step 3

    Copy the link to SAP SQL Anywhere 17 Linux for ARM software from the registration form on the web or the registration confirmation e-mail.

    Copy the link

    Open a shell on your Raspberry Pi (either through SSH or from the desktop). Download and extract the SQL Anywhere software.

    cd /tmp
    wget http://[hostnamefromemail]
    tar -xvf sqla17developerlinuxarm.tar.gz
    ls sqlany17/
  • Step 4

    Go to installation directory and run the setup script to create the new installation of the SAP SQL Anywhere.

    cd sqlany17/
    sudo ./setup

    Follow installation prompts to:

    1. Select your location or region
    2. Read and accept the License Agreement
    3. Select an installation type Create a new installation
    4. Press Enter when requested a registration key. This will install the developer edition
    5. Read and accept the Specific License Terms for SAP SQL Anywhere Developer Edition
    6. Make sure all component options are selected and then Start Install
    7. Decide if you want to share product/feature usage to SAP
    8. Answer No to check for the updates now. You have downloaded the latest available SQL Anywhere Developer Edition already.
    9. Review the README file.

    The setup is finished and the following components should be installed:

    • SQL Anywhere Client (32-bit)
    • SQL Anywhere Server (32-bit)
    • MobiLink Client (32-bit)
    • Samples

    Note the following statement displayed during the installation process

    To set your SQL Anywhere 17 environment you need to source the
    configuration file appropriate to your shell. For example, to use
    SQL Anywhere with a bourne-compatible shell, run:
      source "/opt/sqlanywhere17/bin32/"
    Before using the samples for SQL Anywhere 17, source the configuration script
    found in the samples directory of the install. For example, run:
      source "/opt/sqlanywhere17/samples/"
  • Step 5

    The SQL Anywhere executable and libraries are not added to the PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables automatically. You can add this to the current shell’s environment by sourcing the configuration files as mentioned in the previous step before running the database version check.

    source "/opt/sqlanywhere17/bin32/"
    dbsrv17 -v
    Check the db version
  • Step 6
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