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Run the Process with an Automation

Run the business process with a full monitoring of the workflow instances and automation jobs
You will learn
  • How to run the Process
  • How to work on the Tasks
  • How to monitor Process and Automation
  • How to gain visibility into the Business Process

celineaudinsapCéline AudinJanuary 19, 2023
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November 20, 2022
  • Step 1

    Before releasing and deploying your business process, please make sure you have completed the required Agent Management settings to execute the process with an automation.

    Once you have taken care of the agent management settings, you can release and deploy the business process project to run the process.

    1. While deploying, the OrderFilePath data type should be the path to the excel workbook saved on your machine.

    2. Choose Confirm and then Deploy.

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  • Step 2

    You will now run the process and learn how to monitor the process and work on the tasks. You have released and deployed the business process project.

    1. From the deployed version of the Business Process Project in the Overview section, open the process Order Processing.

    2. Choose Order Processing Form.

    3. Choose the Copy icon aside the Form Link.

      Run copy the form link
    4. Open the Form pasting the Form Link in a browser window.

      When you open the form in the browser, you will see all the input fields you defined in the process trigger form.

    5. Fill the form with the Customer Name and Order Number values and choose Submit.

      You have to enter one of the order numbers from the excel file. Do not enter any random order number or else the automation will not give any results.

      Run open the form

      After you choose the Submit button, you will be notified that the form has been successfully submitted.

    6. The workflow has been triggered and the approval process has started. You can now work on the tasks, monitor the process and gain insights.

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  • Step 3

    Tasks are requests for users to participate in an approval or review process. These tasks appear in the My Inbox application shipped with SAP Build Process Automation. Users can claim, approve, and/or reject the task from their inbox.

    1. Start in the Lobby and open the My Inbox.

    2. After opening the My Inbox application, you will see on the left-hand side all the tasks listed. Select the Approval Form, complete it and choose Approve.

      My Inbox Actions

      The provided tasks and forms might look different than this screenshot, depending on your configurations.

    3. Depending on your selected actions and the information you have provided at the start of the process, the next task could be to confirm the order.

      Once you approve or reject the approval task, refresh the inbox again to get the final notification based on the action you took. Once you acknowledge the notification sent via the approval process, the process will be completed.

      Confirmation Form
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  • Step 4

    Monitoring business processes is one of the key aspects of successful automation. Using monitoring capabilities, you can proactively and consistently monitor process performance, identify any issues in the process and take necessary actions to ensure business process continuity.

    SAP Build Process Automation provides different applications for monitoring and managing different process skills. The applications include Process and Workflow Instances, Automation Jobs, Acquired Events etc. These applications are available under the Monitor tab in Application Development studio.

    All deployed processes can be accessed by following Manage > Processes and Workflows application.

    1. To monitor all the running instances of the process, navigate to Monitor > Process and Workflow Instances.


      In there, you will see all the running, erroneous and suspended process instances. Use the filter bar to get a more customized view of the process instances based on different statuses such as running, completed, suspended, terminated, etc.

      To explore different process monitoring options, go to the Instances list and choose your new process instance that was just triggered via the start form.

    2. Select your Order Processing instance to check the status of the CONTEXT and EXECUTION LOG.

      Observe the process instance information, which provides the context for the process. You can see actual process data flowing across different activities in the process, and the execution logs where you can trace how the entire process has been progressing. You can also see some basic runtime information for each activity such activity name, who started it, when was it completed etc.

    3. Go to Automation Jobs under Monitor.

    4. Choose the Warning icon (if applicable) to learn more about the Automation.

      If this is the case, go to the Settings section and add your agent in order to run the Automation Job.

    5. You will see the automation ran successfully as below:

    6. Notice the process instance progresses further to the approval step in the business process.


    Once the process is triggered, what are the options available to you?

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  • Step 5
    1. From the deployed version of the business process project, click to open Sales Order Visibility Scenario artifact.

    2. In General section, click the Copy icon aside the Dashboard Link.

    3. Open the Visibility Scenario Dashboard by pasting the Dashboard Link in a browser window.

      The dashboard is there. The performance indicators are filling up, depending on the time it has taken, there might be different results. Please now feel free to explore the details and discover what is included in each tile. You could even navigate into single instances.

      Browse Scenario

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