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Run Business Process

Once the business process is deployed, learn how to run the business process and monitor the process with action execution details
You will learn
  • to run and monitor business process with action
  • to observe the action logs and outcome of the action execution
ArchanaShuklaArchana ShuklaJanuary 16, 2023
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January 16, 2023
  • Step 1
    1. From the deployed version of the project, click Order Processing process from list of Artifacts.

      Run Process
    2. In the process editor,

      • select Order Processing Form.
      • copy the Form Link.
      • open it in new browser tab/window.
      Run Process
    3. Fill the form with following details and click Submit.

      This will start the business process.

      Form Field Name Value
      Order Number any value like PO34890, 56390 etc.
      Order Amount any number greater than 100000
      Order Date select any previous date from date-selector
      Ship To Party 17100006
      note: this is a customer ID in the
      backend S/4HANA System
      Sales Order Type OR
      note: this stands for Standard Order in the
      backend S/4HANA System
      Sales Organization 1710
      note: this is the organisation ID already
      existing in the backend S/4HANA System
      Distribution Channel 10
      note: this stands for Direct Sales distribution channel
      in the backend S/4HANA System
      Division 00
      note: this stands for Product Division
      in the backend S/4HANA System
      Shipping Country any country name like India, Germany etc.
      Expected Delivery Date select any later date from the date-selector

      As per the process, if the order amount is > 100000 then it will go for approval or else it will auto-approved.

      The sales order information in the form has to filled based on the available business object values in the backend system such that the sales order gets created successfully in S/4HANA system.

      Run Process
  • Step 2
    1. Return to the lobby and select Monitor tab to monitor the process execution.

      Run Process
    2. In the Monitor section, click Process and Workflow Instances to see process instances details.

      Run Process
    3. In process instance detail page, select your process instance to inspect the instance details.

      • Look at the context section. In the context, you will see the order details that you entered in the form.
      • Go to Execution Log and you will see that the user task is waiting to be approved.
      Run Process
  • Step 3
    1. Open MyInbox application from top-right corner of the screen.

      Run Process
    2. In MyInbox application, you will see a new task Review and Approve order with the given purchase order number in your inbox.

      You can also search the inbox items with your purchase order number.

      • Select the acknowledgement checkbox.
      • Enter any comment of your choice.

      This comment will be sent to the requester during final notification.

      • Click Approve.
      Run Process
    3. As per the process, once you approve the sales order - an explicit notification task is sent to the approver to inform him of the approval with the comment from the supplier.

      • Click Refresh to get new tasks.
      • Select task with your purchase order number having text Your order PO has been successfully received.

      You will see the message from the supplier.

      • Click Submit to acknowledge the response from the supplier.
      Run Process
  • Step 4
    1. Go back to the Monitor application, select your process instance and observe the EXECUTION LOG.

      • Refresh the logs from top-right corner of the screen.
      • You will see the log entry for Action execution which informs you that a POST API for Sales Order has been executed, with the given destination configuration.
      Run Process
    2. Now click to open CONTEXT tab.

      • You can observe the process context as how it has been updated after successful execution of each process step.
      • Notice the output after the Action execution.
      • Copy this SalesOrder number from the output to validate it in
        SAP S/4HANA system.
      Run Process

    You’ve successfully built and executed an automated sales order approval process where the sales order is created in the backend S/4HANA Cloud system once the approval is done.

    Where can you check if (a) action has been completed or not, and (b) the outcome of the Action execution?

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