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Create Action Project in Lobby

Create an action project in lobby from OpenAPI specification
You will learn
  • to discover APIs in SAP API Business Hub
  • to download Open API specification
  • to create action project based on the API specification
  • to configure API methods to update title, input and output fields and their description to improve readability for business users
  • to test API using destination option
  • to release and publish action project to be consumed in the business process modelling
ArchanaShuklaArchana ShuklaJanuary 16, 2023
Created by
January 16, 2023


  • SAP BTP Free Trial Account OR
    SAP BTP Free Tier Account with the SAP Build Process Automation enabled
  • S/4HANA Cloud system where Sales Order business module is available
  • A communication user to access S/4HANA Sales Order inbound services based on SAP_COM_0109 communication scenario ID

Action is a feature in SAP Build Process Automation to connect processes with external systems, be it SAP or non-SAP systems. This is an important piece of the puzzle especially if you want to automate or extend your business processes for any available LoB processes like S/4HANA, Ariba, SuccessFactors etc. These extensions can be easily build using SAP Process Automation, and using actions you can connect to your given S/4HANA, Ariba or other SAP LoB systems for any kind of GET, POST, PATCH and other calls.

In this tutorial, you will create an action project based on Sales Order API. The Sales Order (A2X) API is already available in API Business Hub. For this workshop you will leverage Sales Order Header - POST API which will be used to create a sales order in S/4HANA Cloud system after the approval is done.

The same scenario can be used for posting an invoice to the S/4HANA system after approval from business process or getting the employee details from SuccessFactors system for off-boarding process or updating purchase requisition details for the changes in the order in Ariba system or getting asset details from Asset Management system before sending it for approval for asset depreciation. There are many such real-world examples where you can use action concept to create, fetch or update the data in the backend system based on the process outcomes (approval, validation etc.)

  • Step 1
    1. Download and extract Open API Specification zip file for Sales Order (A2X) API in your local file system.

    Open API specification of 2.x or 3.x or higher is needed for creating action project. For APIs that are available in SAP API Business Hub, you can directly download the specification from the API overview section. For example: The API specification that will be used for sales order creation in this exercise is downloaded from here.

  • Step 2
    1. Open SAP Build Lobby with your username and password:

      • then click Create.

      Action Project
    2. In the popup, click Build an Automated Process and then select Actions.

      Action Project
    3. In the popup, do the following:

      • Enter the Project Name as Sales Order.
      • Enter the Short Description as API to create sales order in S/4HANA cloud system.
      • Click to Browse the open specification file downloaded in step above.
      • Click Create.
      Action Project
    4. Wait for the action project to be created in the Lobby.

      Action Project
  • Step 3
    1. Once the action project is created, the action editor will automatically open. In the popup, you have to select POST method of /A_SalesOrder API. You can either directly search from the given list of APIs or follow the steps below:

      • Select filter option.
      Action Project
      • Select Request Type >> POST and click OK.
      Action Project
      • From the filtered list of APIs, select POST option for /A_SalesOrder API.

      • Click Add.

      Action Project
    2. Action editor will be opened with the selected APIs which can be further configured based on the requirements:

      • To update the project name, click on the pencil icon next to the project name.

        This action project name will help you search your action project from your API list, once published in action repository.

      Action Project
      • Change the name to Create a sales order.
      • Once done, select check icon to submit the changes.
      Action Project
    3. Now, you will update the input/output fields of the action project to keep only the mandatory fields that are needed to create the sales order. To select the Input fields, do the following:

      • Sort Key in ascending order by clicking on the key column and select the Sort Ascending option.

      Action Project
      • Select All the fields by clicking on the checkbox of Key column.
      • Uncheck the following fields so that they are added as Input.
      Keys selected as Input
      • Click cross to delete rest of the unwanted fields.
      Action Project
      • In the confirmation popup, click Remove.
      Action Project

      If you get message like The following parameter(s) can’t be added because they have unsupported definition in the pop up then scroll down to add the individual attributes.

      Action Project
      • Enter the default value for each of the input fields.
      Keys selected as InputValue
      OrganizationDivision 00
      PurchaseOrderByCustomer any name of your choice
      SalesOrderType OR
      SalesOrganization 1710
      SoldToParty 17100006

      Use can also change Labels of the fields.

      Action Project
      • Save the changes.

      If you get Gateway Timeout issue while saving, then close the error dialog and refresh the browser.

      If you see that changes are not saved, then try saving again and refreshing the browser.

    4. As S/4HANA APIs need CSRF token, click of the POST API on the left panel and select Enable X-CSRF.

      Action Project
      • In the popup, enter / and click Add X-CSRF.

      Action project uses Destination service to execute the API. In the destination you have already create the URL Path as to call the API. So, while configuring XSRF token path you do not have to enter any explicit path rather use standard URL configured in the destination.

      Action Project
    5. With this you have configured the action project name, XSRF token and API input fields. Save the work.

      Action Project
    6. Similarly, configure the output fields. Do the following:

      • Click Output tab.
      • Sort the keys in Ascending Order.
      • Select all the keys.
      • Uncheck the following keys that are needed as Output:
      Keys selected as Output
      • Click cross to delete rest of the unwanted output fields.

      • Save the changes.

      Action Project

      If you get Gateway Timeout issue while saving, then close the error dialog and refresh the browser.

      If you see that changes are not saved, then try saving again and refreshing the browser.

    From where can you create action project?

  • Step 4
    1. Once the action project is configured and saved, it is time to test the changes and output. To test the API, do the following:
      • Click Test tab.
      • Select Destination option under Connectivity.
      • Select S4HANACloud from the dropdown options.

      The destinations are fetched from the SAP Business Technology Platform. The selected destination is already created in the account configured for this workshop.

      Notice that the input value is already picked from the default value entered while configuring the action project.

      • Click Test.
      Action Project
      • Once the execution is successful, you see 201 Created response with the details of the new sales order being created in the backend S/4HANA Cloud system.
      Action Project

    What are different testing options for action project?

  • Step 5

    You will now release the action project to create version(s) and then publish a selected version in the action repository. It is then these published actions that can be used in different processes and applications to connect to external systems.

    • To release a version of the action project, click Release from top-right corner.
    Action Project
    • In the release popup, enter the Release Notes of your choice and click Release.

    Notice the version of the project. It is in majorVersionNumber.minorVersionNumber.patchNumber format.

    Action Project
  • Step 6

    Once the action project is released, you can the publish any release version of the action by clicking Publish to Library from top-right corner.

    Action Project

    With this you have successfully completed creating, configuring, releasing and publishing of action project. Now you will use these published actions to connect process to external systems via APIs.

    What is the mandatory operation for action project to be consumed in business process?

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