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Create an Invoice Approval Process

Create the project and the first form for the Invoice Approval Process
You will learn
  • How to create a project and the related process
  • How to add a form to trigger this process
SchluchterStephanStephan SchluchterJanuary 19, 2023
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November 20, 2022


You work in the finance department of the company and need to regularly process incoming scanned invoices.
This is actually causing a lot of manual effort in order to extract the data out of the pdf or image, send to the approval of the manager before the data would be actually entered into the system.
This needs to be automated since we are talking about multiple invoices which are coming every single day. Also we need to define the approval flow depending on the specific criteria (in this tutorial series, company is considered as criteria).

  • Step 1

    The project includes all artifacts you will create during the course of these tutorials. You can share, release, rename or delete these projects.

    1. Once you have entered the Lobby, choose Create.

      Create Business Process Project
    2. Select Build an Automated Process.

      Build an Automated Process
    3. Choose Business Process.

      Business Process
    4. In the wizard enter:

      • under the Project Name: Invoice Approval
      • under the Short Description: The process to extract information from an invoice and get the needed approvals
      • choose Create.
      Define Business Process Project

    Where will you create a business process project in SAP Process Automation?

  • Step 2

    The process will describe the flow of the activities.

    Within the newly created project Invoice Approval, you will be prompted to create the process.

    1. In the Create Process window enter:
      • under the Name: Get Invoice Details,
      • under the Description: Process to approve invoices.

      The identifier will be created automatically.

      Maintain Process Name
      The process with a start and end event is now available for you.

    Once you have created a process, which artifacts are already there?

  • Step 3

    To trigger the process, you will create a form to provide the most relevant inputs.

    1. In the canvas, select + in the Trigger, then Forms and New Form.

      New Form
    2. In the Create Form window enter:

      • in the Name: Invoice Request Form,
      • in the Description: Form to start the process,
      • choose Create.

      The Identifier will be filled automatically.

      Create Form Wizard
    3. Open the form editor.

      Open editor
    4. In the form you have multiple Layout and Input elements.

    5. To add Layout or Inputs, drag and drop them or click on the element to enter them in the form.

    6. Add Layout elements:

      Layout Type Name
      Headline 1 Invoice Request Form
      Paragraph Please provide the following details to start the process
      Add Layout
    7. Add Input elements:

      Input Field Type Name Settings
      Text Employee Name Required
      Text File Path Required
      Date Current Date Required

      Required checkbox indicates, that it is a mandatory field.

      Add Input
    8. Save the Form.


    Which of the following input fields are available?

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