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Create an Invoice Approval Process

Create the project and the first form for the Invoice Approval Process
You will learn
  • How to create a project and the related process
  • How to add a form to trigger this process
SchluchterStephanStephan SchluchterSeptember 12, 2022
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April 20, 2022
  • Step 1

    The project includes all artifacts you will create during the course of these tutorials. You can share, release, rename or delete these projects.

    1. Once you have entered the Lobby, choose Create and select Business Process.

      Create Business Process Project
    2. In the wizard enter the Project Name Invoice Approval and also a Short Description, then choose Create.

      Define Business Process Project

    Where will you create a business process project in SAP Process Automation?

  • Step 2

    The process will describe the flow of the activities.

    1. Within the newly created project Invoice Approval, select Create and then choose Process.

      Create Process
    2. Maintain the Name Get Invoice Details and also the Description. The identifier will be created automatically.

      Maintain Process Name

      The process with a start and end event is now available for you.

    Once you have created a process, which artifacts are already there?

  • Step 3

    To trigger the process, you will create a form to provide the most relevant inputs.

    1. In the canvas, select +, then Forms and finally + New Form.

      New Form
    2. Provide the following information and choose Create:

      Field Name Value
      Name Invoice Request Form
      Description Form to start the process

      Note: Identifier will be filled automatically.

      Create Form Wizard

      In the form you have multiple layout and input elements.

    3. Create a headline, drag and drop Headline 1 into the canvas.

      Create Headline
    4. Give the headline a name: Invoice Request Form and add a Paragraph.

      Headline Name
    5. Maintain the paragraph: Please provide the following details to start the process and add a Text field.

    6. Change the name of the Text field to Employee Name and select Required to indicate it is a mandatory field.

      Employee Name
    7. Add two additional fields with the following details. Once done, Save your work.

      Input Field Type Name Settings
      Text File PathRequired
      Date Current Date Required
      Final Start Form

    Which of the following input fields are available?

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