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Setup Connectivity to CAP Service

Create a BTP destination and add the destination to SAP Build Process Automation to access the CAP Service.
You will learn
  • How to create destination in SAP BTP Cockpit to connect to CAP service
  • How to add the destination to SAP Build Process Automation
tj-66Thomas JentschMarch 16, 2023
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March 15, 2023


  • Step 1

    In the SAP BTP Cockpit, you will create a destination that will be used in the Action Editor to test the Action and later also in the Process execution.

    1. Open the BTP Cockpit

    2. Get the Application Routes URL from the service which is running in your Cloud Foundry space, click on the Name

      service name
    3. Copy the URL into the clipboard to use it in the Destination definition (next item)

      service route
    4. Navigate back to your Subaccount - Overview

    5. Click Destinations to show the available Destinations

      • Click New Destination

      • enter URL <Application Routes url>/api/v1 (paste Routes URL from the clipboard)

      • enter Name Demo_CAP_Sample_Library

      • enter Additional properties sap.applicationdevelopment.actions.enabled true

      • enter Additional properties sap.processautomation.enabled true

      • click Save

      new destination
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  • Step 2
    1. Open SAP Build Process Automation

    2. Click Settings

      • Click Destinations

      • Click New Destination

      • From the popup, select Demo_CAP_Sample_Library

      • Click Add

      add destination

      Destination is added to the list and can be used in SAP Build Process Automation


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  • Step 3

    Which property must be defined to use a Destination in the Action Editor ?

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