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Use Action in Business Process

Learn how to connect to CAP services using Actions in SAP Build Process Automation. Customize or extend standard business processes with additional functionality powered by CAP.
You will learn
  • How to create and configure a business process
  • How to discover actions from the library
  • How to configure the action for the business process
  • How to release and deploy a business process with actions
  • How to test the process
tj-66Thomas JentschMarch 16, 2023
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March 15, 2023
  • Step 1
    1. From the Lobby select Create

    2. Select Build an Automated Process, on next screen click Business Process

    3. Enter Project Name CAP Sample and click Create

    4. On the Create Process Dialog, enter the Process Name myCAP Sample and click Create, the canvas will be shown

    5. Click the canvas to display the Process Details

      • Click Inputs to define the process inputs

      • Click Configure to define to open popup Configure Process Inputs

      • Click Add Input

      • Enter field as Name, Identifier will be auto filled and Type should be String

      • Click Apply

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  • Step 2
    1. Click + to add a new API trigger to your process

    2. Enter Trigger Name myCAP Trigger and click Create


    What filters can you use in Browse Library?

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  • Step 3
    1. Click + to add a step to your process, from the context menu select Actions > Browse Library

      add action
    2. From Browse Library

      • Filter on project CAP Sample Actions

      • Click Add on the action get list of Todos

    3. Click + next to End and repeat the Actions > Browse Library steps to add the action listToString

    4. Select get list of Todos in the canvas and create Destination variable capService

      todo destination
    5. Select listToString in the canvas and select Destination variable capService

      listToString destination
    6. Select Inputs to define the input values for the action

      • Click Select Item next to field

      • Select field from Process Start Inputs

      • Click Select list next to Bind List

      • Select list responseArray from get list of Todos


    The Inputs for listToString should show the following values

    list inputs

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  • Step 4
    1. Save the process myCAP Sample, click Release

    2. On popup Release Project, click Release

    3. Click Deploy

      • On 1 - Overview, click Next

      • On 2 - Runtime Variables, for capService select Destination Demo_CAP_Sample_Library, click Next
      • On 3 - Triggers, you can see your trigger in the list, click Deploy
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  • Step 5
    1. From SAP Build, click Monitor

    2. Select Manage > Process and Workflow Definitions

    3. Click myCAPSample

    4. Click Start New Instance

      • Enter the JSON as input parameter values

        { "field" : "id" }    

      • Click Start New Instance and Close

    5. Select Monitor > Process and Workflow Instances, make sure your instance is in the list, clear all filters

    6. Click the line to display the details of the instance

      The result of the action listToString is shown as comma separated value string

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