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Filter and Output to SAP HANA Table in SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming

Part 3 of 9. Add a filter and output the desired events to a SAP HANA Table through SAP HANA Output adapter.
You will learn
  • Applying a filter to only capture events of interest. Filters match each event against the defined criteria, only passing those that match.
  • Adding a HANA Output adapter to connect the filtered stream to a HANA table, capturing the events in the HANA database.
  • Compiling the streaming project and check for errors.
  • Step 1
    1. Drag and drop the Filter item in the Streams and Windows drawer of the Palette into the canvas.

      add filter
    2. Rename the stream, Filter1, to ACTIVITY_HIST by clicking on the filter icon.

    3. Select Connector from the Palette.

    4. Drag the Connector from MACHINEDATA to ACTIVITY_HIST in order to connect them.

    5. Double-click on the 1 under ACTIVITY_HIST > Filter to edit the filter expression.

      filter expression
    6. Enter MACHINEDATA.EVENT_NAME='DOOR' in the text box to define the filter expression. User Ctrl+Space for content assist. Confirm your entry by pressing the Enter key.

    7. Click on the All Iconic button (icon shown below) to collapse all the items.

      collapse all

    What type of events does your filter look for?

  • Step 2
    1. Select HANA Output from the Palette and drag it to the canvas.

      add HANA table
    2. Click on the Edit icon to edit the Adapter Properties.

    3. Select the freezermon_service data service for Database Service Name. Select the entry Target Database Schema Name by clicking it and click on .

      choose service and database
    4. Enter the name of the HANA database schema you will be using in the Value box. We have created our tables in SYSTEM, so use that. Then click OK.

      select databse
    5. Enter ACTIVITY_HIST in the Target Database Table Name text box and press Enter key. Then click OK.

      choose table
    6. Now use the Connector tool to connect the adapter to the ACTIVITY_HIST stream. Select the connector tool, click on the ACTIIVTY_HIST stream, then click on the HANA_Output1 adapter.

  • Step 3
    1. Click the Compile Project icon shown below.

    2. Check the Problems view to see if the project compiled without errors.

      check errors
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