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Configure SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming Server Connection

Part 1 of 9. Configure SAP HANA streaming connection and add SAP HANA data service in SAP HANA Studio.
You will learn
  • Connecting to a SAP HANA system.
  • Setting up the SAP HANA Streaming Development and Run perspective.
  • Connecting to a streaming server in SAP HANA Studio.
  • Adding and configuring a SAP HANA data service.


  • System: You must have an SAP HANA SPS10 system or higher with smart data streaming installed that you can connect to and use.
  • Integrated Development Environment: You must have SAP HANA Studio 2 installed with the streaming plug-in installed and configured.
  • This tutorial assumes you will be using the HANA SYSTEM user to connect to your HANA system and will refer to it as “SYSTEM”.
  • Step 1
    1. Open HANA Studio. In the SAP HANA Administration Console perspective, right click in the white space within the Systems view. Next select the Add System… menu item to execute it. You can also press s.

      Add System
    2. Enter the Host Name and the Instance Number of the HANA server you will connect to.

      Hana Server Info
    3. Click Next. You can also press Alt+n.

      Click Next
    4. Enter SYSTEM as the User Name and enter your password.

      Username and Password
    5. Click the Store user name and password in secure storage checkbox so you won’t have to re-enter
      your credentials when re-connecting to the system. Next click Finish or press Alt+f.

      Click Finish
  • Step 2
    1. Go to Windows > Perspective > Open Perspective and click the Other… menu item to execute it. You can also press o.

      Open Perspective
    2. Select the SAP HANA Streaming Development entry by clicking it.

      Select Streaming Dev
    3. Click OK.

    4. Repeat for the SAP HANA Streaming Run-Test perspective entry.

      Select Streaming Run-Test

    What are the two smart data streaming perspectives called?

  • Step 3
    1. Go to the SAP HANA Streaming Run-Test perspective.

      Open Streaming Perspective
    2. In the Server view, select the New Server URL tool.

      Add Server
    3. Now you will connect to the streaming server (Not the HANA database server). Enter the host name in the Host Name field. The Port number has the format 3XX26 (XX = Instance Number. e.g. If your Instance Number is “10” then you would enter “31026” for port). Obtain these from your system administrator.

      Server Info

      NOTE: This is the host name and port for the streaming server, not the HANA database server.
      Make sure to check the SSL checkbox as the server uses SSL for encryption.

    4. You should now see the streaming server listed in the Server view. Right click it and select Change User Name and Password.

      Change Username and Password
    5. Enter the streaming server’s credentials and check Use Secure Storage for Streaming Credentials. Press OK to continue.

      Enter Username and Password
    6. Right click your streaming server listed in the Server view again. Then select Connect Server.

      Connect Server
    7. Now go to HANA Studio’s Preferences under the Windows menu. Then go to the SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming tab.

    8. Set the Default Server URL to your server <server.address>:<port>. The server address is the Smart Data Streaming server node, not the HANA server node. The port number should be in the format of “3XX26”, where XX is the Instance Number.

      Default Server
  • Step 4
    1. Click SAP HANA Streaming Development tab to open this perspective.

      Dev perspective
    2. Click the Data Services tab to open this view. This is normally tucked behind the Projects view.

      Data Services
    3. Go to your connected streaming host by double clicking it and right click on your Server-wide folder.

      Server Wide
    4. Click the Add HANA Service menu item to execute it.

      Add HANA Service
    5. Click on newservice1 to select it.

      New Service
    6. Go to the Properties view, which should be located on the bottom half of the studio by default. Enter the username and password corresponding to the HANA database you wish to connect to and check Use Default HANA Server.

      Service Info
    7. Rename the service. Right click on newservice1 in the Data Services view and select Rename Service. Change the name to freezermon_service.

      rename Service
    8. To verify that the service is properly configured, right click again on the freezermon_service service, and select Discover. When the service is correctly configured, executing the Discover operation will display the database schema that is accessible through the service.

      Discover Schema
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