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Set Up SAP BTP SDK for iOS

Download and Install SAP BTP SDK for iOS locally on your machine and configure it with your BTP account.
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sandeep-tdsSandeep T D SJanuary 24, 2023
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January 24, 2023


  • What is SAP BTP SDK for iOS
  • How to download SAP BTP SDK for iOS
  • How to install SAP BTP SDK for iOS
  • How to connect SAP BTP SDK for iOS with SAP Mobile Services
  • Step 1

    The SAP BTP SDK for iOS is a mobile development SDK built developed by SAP to enable developers to build business-ready native applications using familiar tools such as Xcode.

    Developing an app with SAP BTP SDK for iOS allows you to focus more on app-specific logic by ensuring seamless integration with the SAP ecosystem through SAP Mobile Services.

    The following table lists the key frameworks of SAP BTP SDK for iOS.

    Key Frameworks
    Framework Description
    SAPFiori API Reference
    SAPFioriFlows API Reference
    SAPOData API Reference
    SAPOfflineOData API Reference
    SAPFoundation API Reference
    SAPCommon API Reference
    SAPML API Reference

    Click here to view the documentation of SAP BTP SDK for iOS.

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  • Step 2
    1. Click here to go to the download section for SAP BTP SDK for iOS on

    2. Click the first row to download the latest version.

      Downloads Page

      The latest version may be different for you.

    3. Complete the login process by providing your SAP Universal ID username and password.

    4. Accept the End User License Agreement.

    5. Click Click here to start your download!

    > Alternatively, you can also download the SAP BTP SDK from SAP Software Center.

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  • Step 3
    1. Extract the .zip file downloaded.

    2. Launch the .pkg file located in the extracted folder.

    3. Complete the steps in the installer.

      Installer View

    What is the extension type of the file used to launch the installer?

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  • Step 4
    1. Go to your mobile services account.

      Mobile Services Home

      If stuck, please review the second item in the pre-requisites of this tutorial.

    2. Click Important Links located at the bottom of the sidebar.

      Important Links
    3. Click Importing URLs directly (only supported by iOS Assistant) present under the SAP SDK Tools section.

      Import URLs Automatically

      Accept the browser pop-up to launch the SAP BTP SDK Assistant for iOS.

    4. Enter a name and click Save.

      You can connect to multiple accounts of SAP Mobile Services with your assistant. Thus, you must choose a name then enables you to identify the account easily.

    Add account MS account

    > You can manage (Create, Edit, Delete) the connections to all SAP Mobile Services accounts, by clicking Manage Accounts on the home screen of the assistant.

    Manage Accounts

    Which of the following buttons can be seen in the Manage Accounts screen?

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