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Prepare SAP Web IDE for Cloud Foundry Development

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Prepare SAP Web IDE for Cloud Foundry Development

Prepare SAP Web IDE for Cloud Foundry Development

Enable and open SAP Web IDE Full-Stack in SAP Cloud Platform, and configure the CF API endpoint to deploy.

You will learn

  • How to enable SAP Web IDE Full-Stack inside of SAP Cloud Platform
  • How to open SAP Web IDE Full-Stack
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Step 1: Open SAP Web IDE Full-Stack

Open your SAP Cloud Platform account (if you have a free developer account, click here to open the home page).

Click on Launch SAP Web IDE to see navigate further.

open webide

You might be asked to accept a disclaimer if you come here for the first time. Check the box and click accept to do so.

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Step 2: Bookmark the page

A new tab opens, and SAP Web IDE Full-Stack loads.

Bookmark this page! If you create a bookmark to this page, it is easy to get back to SAP Web IDE Full-Stack later.

SAP Cloud Platform Console - services button
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Step 3: Go to the Cloud Foundry settings

Click on the gears icon in the bar on the left-hand side to open the settings menu. Then, choose the Cloud Foundry settings.

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Step 4: Enter the Cloud Foundry endpoint you want to use
  1. Select the API endpoint according to the data center in which your subaccount lives. Click on the dropdown control and the most common endpoints will be suggested to you. You can see find a list of all endpoints in the help portal.

  2. You might be prompted for your Cloud Foundry credentials. Enter the credentials you used for the SAP Cloud Cockpit.

  3. If there is a subaccount in the selected data center, the Organization and Space field will be populated by default. You can change these values via the dropdown control. Don’t forget to Save this configuration.

    If the fields are not being populated, you probably selected an incorrect endpoint or the entered credentials were invalid.


You can also choose specific API endpoints per project in the project settings.

What does the popup read after you saved the API endpoint?

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