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Enable Routing

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Enable Routing

Enable Routing

Enable routing to embed one view into another

You will learn

Embed one view into another one with routing to prepare for later tutorials. Edit the routing configuration, which is stored within the app descriptor manifest.json.

Step 1: Create a new SAPUI5 View
  1. Create a new SAPUI5 View called App.

    To create a new SAPUI5 View, right click in the webapp folder, and then choose New > SAPUI5 View.

    IMPORTANT! Be sure to right click in the webapp folder. If you choose the wrong folder, the files will be created in the wrong place. If this happens, delete the folders and start over.

    right click on webapp and select New - SAPUI5 View
  2. In the dialog box, change the View Name to App. Then click on Next.

    In the next page, click on Finish. (You do not need to overwrite the existing file.)

    enter file name
  3. Open the mta_app/app/webapp/view/App.view.xml file, and replace the <App> tag with the following code:

       <App id="app"/>
    Add code to App.view.xml
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Step 2: Rename the new route
  1. Open the Mainfest.json file again. Click on the Routing tab at the top of the screen.

  2. Scroll down and re-name the existing route to home and clear the Pattern field. Also change the View Level of the TargetView1 to 1.

    Add a new target
  3. Save the file.

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Step 3: Change the root view
  1. In the same manifest.json file, we will switch to the Code Editor tab, which is on the bottom of the screen.

  2. Scroll to the rootView section, and Change the following lines:

    "viewName": "",
    "id": "app"
    Update manifest.json to use new view

After this tutorial, you should be able to run your application again, but you will not see any changes. All of the routing work occurs “behind the scenes” and is not visible to the user.

What was the default value of the property "id" before you replaced it?

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